VR Dumbbells For Quest 2 (Kiwi Design)

After the success of our Elite Starp for Meta Quest 2 review, the folks over at Kiwi Design have provided us with a set of Quest 2 Accessories to deep dive into. Join us as we get to grips with their VR weight controller compatible dumbbells!

The options for home fitness are ever-expanding but where Vr is concerned it’s like a wildfire! Apps like FitXR, alongside games like Beat Saber or Dance Central are at the forefront of thse active gaming and excercise options.

Along with this push came a selection of accessories to enhance and enliven the fitness VR experience, including perspiration covers, saber handles and controller grips to name but a few.

Kiwi Design (as previously discussed) have a good reputation for listening to the the needs of VR users and saw an opportunity to produce something special within the fitness realm – Controller Dumbbells!


Once again the packaging is simplistic and minimalistically stylish, with emphasis being on the product itself rather than the box.

VR Dumbells For Quest 2 (Kiwi Design) review

With that being said, once again Kiwi Design have not wasted any space here. Anyone who has ever had an Amazon delivery knows the value of correct packaging for the product!

Lets Get Fit!

The dumbbell set comes with 3 metal weights and 3 plastic tokens for each handset (that’s 6 of each in total – i’m not good with numbers either). The metal weights can (funnily enough) add weight to the handset and the plastic tokens are used to add spacing within the chamber. This can be adapted for preference but it’s important to note that there are 3 spaces within each handset for adaption.

I found that 1 weight and 2 tokens made for an ideal starting weight and the best for reviewing. Also i’m very chiseled and jacked so i don’t want to make it unfair on the review. Obviously….

VR Dumbells For Quest 2 (Kiwi Design) crazydiscostu vr accessories

The trendy storage bag is an added bonus and a handy place to keep the weights and tokens.

Specs And Usage

  • VR Fitness Made Easy – Dumbbells are universally compatible with all VR apps and games unless specifically stated and the build doesn’t affect the Quest 2 controllers’ usage. Ideal for apps like FitXR, Supernatural, BOXVR, HOLOFIT, OhShape, Synth Riders etc
  • Spherical Design – The design aspect is very stylish once connected to the Quest 2 controllers and gives them a futuristically sleek aesthetic. The design has been informed by customer feedback.
  • Adjustable Weight – 5.3oz/150g, 3.5oz/100g, 1.8oz/50g, and 0.18oz/5g.
  • In the box – Top cover x2, Bottom cover x2, Knob base x2, Weight plate x6, Weight token x6,
  • Lifetime refund and return policy
VR Dumbells For Quest 2 (Kiwi Design) controller crazydiscostu


The addition of the dumbbells adds some much needed sturdiness to the Quest 2 controllers overall. This is something we noticed about the Upgraded Elite Strap, and a very poisitve addition. There is ample space to move joysticks and access the buttons underneath.

If like most Quest users you have bashed your controllers off a wall or piece of furniture you will know how lightweight the controllers feel. With the dumbbells there’s an added layer of protection to the top of the handsets.

Something to get used to is how the user must now handle the handsets, outside of the obvious. Where the exposed top ring of the controllers makes for a handy shape to hang off the fingers, the user loses this when the dumbbells are attached.

vr dumbells VR Dumbells For Quest 2 (Kiwi Design) review crazydiscostu

You can see the addition to the handsets in this comparison photo (without and with dumbbell).

The dumbbells felt great playing Beat Saber (perfect for testing most gear, i find) and I felt like I had to make use of the safety loop just in case. The added weight ensures a sturdy grip on the controller but I was worried about too much swing. This added weight lends some helpful balance to the handsets giving them a sturdier feel.

Looking forward to getting even more jacked by playing Bait! all day long….

You can pick up a set via their website here.

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