Lego Star Wars : Skywalker Saga

Lego and Travellers Tales have always been on the brick when it comes to their Star Wars output. They formed a legacy of fantastic Marvel, DC, Harry Potter and Indiana Jones titles to name but a few. In 2022 they released arguably the most ambitious title they possibly could and encompassing an entire franchise – Join us for a look at Lego Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga.

I had an initial reluctancy for buying this game – not because Rey isn’t a Skywalker (she’s not, but I’m not that based), but because I thought it was going to be a straight port to Xbox One from the existing Xbox 360 titles – Lego Star Wars, Lego Star Wars 2 and Lego Star Wars 3. Thankfully – It is not. Oh my, no.

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Lets Play!

The art style has been beefed up significantly from previous titles, taking on a style more akin to the Lego Movie or one of the streaming animated releases. I found the Lego Movie style to be somewhat jittery and off-putting, but with this game the animation is smooth and fluid.

The comedy in this game is spot on it shows a love for the source material and treats it with the respect it deserves. Previous Lego Star Wars titles did a great job sending up the franchise while still showing an engrained knowledge of the lore. This title takes it one step further, evolving the humour to meme-worthy status (a personal favourite was the “I’m Spartacus” / “I’m Queen Amidala” sequence below, a joke which leads on into subsequent episodes).

The humour is well and truly on point here and in keeping with the series style. As with previous releases, certain narrative liberties are taken with the story to make it fit at a more condensed pace but doesn’t affect the flow of the story levels.

Previous Lego Star Wars titles were somewhat constrained by the characters inability to talk, which certainly made for some great visual exchanges (much like a less annoying take on the interactions of Sims). With this release we are treated to some fantastic voice acting by the whole cast (apart from Qui Gon Jinn who sounds somewhat like Sean Connery, so i’ll let it slide based on the associated humour there).

There is a metric tonne of stuff to do in this title. Not only is there the trademarked hidden puzzles and actions fans of the series have grown to love and expect, there is also sign posted sidequests and character missions.

This release sticks with the third person view but closer in and more detailed with an over-the-shoulder angle. Some of the levels such as the Boonta Podrace take place in mostly first person which ramps up the excitement adequately.

The use of force levitation with the Jedi characters has been given a complete overhaul. No longer are force-sensitive objects defined by a simple button-pushing/automatic completion dynamic, with this game there is more control when levitating objects, giving the player the ability to guide them .

The inclusion of a saber throw (a favourite for most Jedi games) is very welcome and promotes the playability of this title.

The controls in general have been given a rethink with attacks and blocking put at the forefront. The game still facilitates a downward smash attack but this is not the trademark go-to attack for each encounter.

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Each character has their own unique abilities which are slightly more thought-out than Jar Jar can jump higher than everyone else. For instance the protocol droids can translate character interactions (but a universal translator for all characters may also be purchased).

The open world environment promotes exploration and sidequesting and breaks up the time between story missions.

There is elements of Assassin Creed-style climbing, first person shooter elements, combat fighting mechanics, racing….. I’ve always said if you could only own one game for the rest of your life it would be GTA, because of the various gaming lements and activities that can be performed within, but Lego Star Wars : The Skywalker Saga is a very close second.

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This is the most fun i’ve had playing a Lego game. This is the most fun i’ve had playing a Star Wars game!

The gameplay is entirely accessible to inexperienced and hardcore gamers alike with the latter being offered a tasty completionist and achievement-hunter thrill.

This game was made by fans for fans, and whatever you thought about the questionable new Star Wars films, the representation for the original trilogy and prequels in games is stunning.

There has been some negative feedback onlin regarding the choice to move the action between levels to an open world format. Personally it’s one of the best things about the game. If you want a stagnant Cantina loading area then i suggest you go back to the older titles!

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