Stylus, NEIPA (Signature Brew)

Ireland is currently experiencing one of our famous allocated “sunny days”. We get around 14 of these a year, when the sun breaks from between a crack in the clouds and everyone indulges in what we like to call “TAPS AFF!”

It’s during one such day that i crack open a can of Stylus, one of Signature Brew‘s flagship New England IPA’s.

Kicking off with the pour it’s all hazy golden sunrise but not spoiled by the local weather system. It’s got a juicy orange colour to it with a yellow tinge and just enough murk to be enticing.

There’s passionfruit on the noise with a hint of mandarin orange. There’s stonefruit for days….

In the mouth it’s exceptionally smooth and boasts an oaty mouthfeel. To taste, Stylus hits with an initial juicy sweetness. Into the mid and the flavour opens up with citrus and body. For the after the taste gives way to the ever so slightly bitter fruit flavour and that classic NEIPA profile for a floral finish.

The oaty smoothness of Stylus is anbsolute draw for me, as is the low carbonation which makes for a juicy delivery. Reminiscent of Signature Brew‘s Passions NEPA and equally as moreish.

Check it out on the Signature Brew site!

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