Crowdsurfer, West Coast DIPA (Signature Brew)

Today we’re getting lifted off our feet and onto the shoulders of giants! This release of Signature Brews IBU-hefty, West Coast styled Double India Pale Ale, Crowdsurfer, comes in a 440ml can and is about to be demolished! Join us.

I was too excited to get stuck into this one so i had to go back and do all the pretentious smelling and analysing with another can.

Diving back in I venture for a sniff – the aroma goes hard on the tropical sweetness and bitter stone fruit. There’s floral apricot and the brew smells hazier than it looks, which is golden amber and clear for the most part.

First taste (after the first taste) is refreshingly light. The carbonation is low and the delivery is smooth. The mid taste is that citrus and tropical sweetness from the initial aroma. There’s hoppy pineapple goodness here. This flavour moves into a bitter hoppy mustiness on the way out and leaves through the wall like some sort of reverse Kool Aid mascot.

The taste is full and rich with resinous texture. That 8% ABV heft can be felt on its departure and leaves the palate feeling changed for the experience. The burn lingers alongside the hoppy finish and is satisfying to the end.

Crowdsurfer boasts an IBU rating of 80, which to my mind is on the stronger end of the breweries biggest IBU scores. A perfectly natural follow up to the brands Stagediver DIPA this one carries little to no head and verges on a meal in a glass due to the heft. (That meal consists of tropical fruit in beer form and is delicious)

Another strong entry from the folks at Signature Brew and i’ll be ordering more for the summer!

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