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We’re tackling more and more home gadgets and convenient solutions on the website these days. With that theme in mind the folks over at Elago have sent us a selection of their range to make life easier! Join us for some reviewing!


Elago make a range of gadget covers and consumer tech solutions. Basically, they look after your gear! Their products include accessories for brands like Apple, Google and Samsung and are extremely user focused.

“Elago is a design company first and foremost. Our motto is SIMPLE SOPHISTICATION because we create products that are useful and awesome! We always create products that we ourselves use, so we know you will love it!”

Elago are proud to create and develop their products from the ground up. Unlike more generic 3rd party brands who slap their logo onto existing designs. We have chosen 3 convenient home tech solution products from their range to review today:

Apple Pencil Stand

elago home tech review crazydiscostu

The thing about the Apple pencil in general is that it doesn’t seem like the price matches the product itself. With that being said if you’ve spent the £100-odd price tag on the gadget you’ll want to look after the thing. Previously mine was kicking about in my desk drawer or nestled with writing implements in a cup.

The boffins over at Elago have developed a few solutions for this. They offer a stylish home mould but I went for a more simplistic holder in the form of their Silicone Stand.

elago home tech review crazydiscostu nerd

The stand is made from a durable silicone material that feels like a tough rubber. It even bounces if you accidently drop it! Which I did, for testing……

The stand is compatible with the Apple Pencil generation 1 and 2 as well as the Apple Pencil‘s case, additional cover or sleeve. It is also compatible with any tablet stylus currently on the market and offers tip protection.

elago home tech review crazydiscostu apple pencil

A useful gift for anyone who regularly uses the Apple Pencil or like me, has a dishevelled desk. The Elago Apple Pencil holder is a fancy addition to my workspace and a handy way for me to keep track of my Apple Pencil in the post apocalyptic wasteland that is my work area. It’s a simple but valuable piece of kit and will come in handy for long ProCreate sessions.

You can pick up this Apple Pencil holder from Elago’s Amazon store for £12.99.

Line Friends Magnetic Cable Management Buttons

elago home tech review crazydiscostu cable management line friends

This is probably the most personally-useful of the Elago products. If like me you have a multitude of gadgets on rotational charge, either at a workstation or bedside, then this is right up your street. My wife picked the style for this product, honestly. I would have chosen the bear, obviously. The bunnies aren’t too bad though.

This product is a collaboration with Line Friends, a popular character set created for the Line messenger app featuring Brown, Cony and Sally.

elago home tech review crazydiscostu line friends
elago home tech review crazydiscostu cable

Installation was simple as the main bar comes with a (firm) sticking strip. The magnets are powerful and assures that cables snap into place and on to the magnetic bar. An ideal concept for lazily flailing charger cables around your bedside in the dark, or bringing some much needed cable organisation to the spaghetti junction of cables in your work area.

You can pick up the Cony Line Friends / Elago cable tidy bar from their Amazon store for £14.99.

Home Hub Mount

elago home tech review crazydiscostu home hub

When i began building my own bar I knew it would be a long term project. Once the essential elements were installed I knew I would be able to automate these as time went on.

Having an tablet mounted to control the lights and music was my main focus. Short of gluing an old iPad to the wall I was out of ideas – that’s where this mount came in handy.

It’s been built with home automation in mind but would also be perfectly functional mounted on a workstation wall to control these functions.

The silicone mount itself is soft enough that I’m not worried about it damaging my tablet but firm enough that I know it will hold it in place when in use. The mount is scratch-free as well!

elago home tech review crazydiscostu ipad mount

The iPad/tablet can be easily installed or removed from the mount (if required) which lends an extra layer of functionality here.

It comes with all necessary screws and plastic anchors included (along with the Elago cable tidy button, not shown) and enables easy access to buttons and charging/audio cables. An installation guide is included but not needed.

The mount is compatible with iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, iPad Pro, Galaxy Tab and most tablets and can be adjusted by the user prior to installation.

elago home tech review crazydiscostu ipad mount nerd

I’ll be using this mainly for home automation but I can see it becoming useful as a convenient display for other areas in the home (such as kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, workspace etc)

I opted for the stylish dark grey which you can check out on their Amazon store. The mount costs £20.99

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