Faith In Custard, Rhubarb And Custard Pale Ale (Northern Monk x Leimai Lemaow)

You’re probably as confused as i was looking at that collection of words strung together above the Northern Monk branding. Some of the words make sense and others look very out of place on a can of beer.

Needless to say my FOMO got the better of me, standing confused in the big chain supermarket beer section and i just had to see what this was all about.

On the nose it is indeed giving off the unmistakable whiff of rhubarb and custard sweets, vanilla sweetness but not quite as enjoyable. There’s something else going on here that my brain can’t quite compute. The smell is slightly watered down and contains an almost vinegar-like after-smell. It could be that the aromas have separated or that my brain won’t comprehend the combination…

Faith In Custard, Rhubarb And Custard Pale Ale (Northern Monk x Leimai Lemaow) review

To pour, the complexion is a standard pale straw colour and thankfully not the overbearing pink or yellow from the can art. Part of me is relieved, another part disappointed – either way these are fleeting concerns.

The initial taste is a full pale ale flavour, piney and slight juicy hints but this quickly disappears when the sickly rhubarb and custard flavour kicks down the door and sticks its feet up on the coffee table.
What is left, is a watery finish with a dry aftertaste, lacking any sort of creamy body or lip smacking flavour.

This one simply didn’t work for me but i can see what the goal was. I wasn’t expecting a revolutionary brew, but even as a novelty this didn’t tick the boxes.
A nice idea but I felt the execution was poor. This was one of those intrigue purchases, for novelty shits and giggles. Unfortunately it was a 4 pack and I was left with 3 more cans of disappointment.

Each can sold does however include a donation to the Faith In Futures Foundation which provides grants to charitable and community projects targeting societal injustice – so if anything I’d suggest you buy one and (as always) don’t let an online review or Untappd score sway you in any way.

Faith In Custard is 4.6% ABV and available everywhere.

Faith In Custard, Rhubarb And Custard Pale Ale Northern Monk cansacrosstheworld crazydiscostu beer review

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