Meta Quest 2, 5m Link Cable (Kiwi Design)

Continuing our series of VR and VR accessories reviews we have another product from the folks over at Kiwi Design. They have sent us their 5M Link Cable for Quest 2 to put through its paces. Read on to find out more.

Personally i’ve only started my journey into PCVR and what the Quest 2 can do in that respect, so this product came along at the right time for me.

As any users of VR are aware, it’s not nice to be tied down by wires. One of the selling points of the Quest 2 itself is that there is less need for wired connections given the ability to stream wirelessly from PC. This however comes with its own problems with stability and latency so sometimes a wired connection is absolutely essential for smooth gaming.

kiwi design vr link cable meta quest 2 crazydiscostu review nerd


Out of the box it’s noticeable how thick the cable is but also how pliable it is. Having read a seemingly solitary review online that described it as “too thick” and “weighty” I begin to wonder what the buyer was expecting. The cable is no thicker than a standard cable (such as gaming headset, laptop power supply and thinner than an instrument cable) for most electronics and the weight is equally as textbook. (some people are weak, I get it!)

Given the length, first off I’d say this cable is ideal for seated gaming but allows for a surprising amount of movement without hindering the arms in a standing gaming stance.

The USB A and USB C ends are fairly sexy in carbon silver/grey and adorned with the Kiwi Design logo. As you can see from the photos these come with end protectors and a nifty Kiwi Design branded strap.

kiwi design vr link cable meta quest 2 crazydiscostu review nerd blog


The response was free of errors and I experienced no latency. The cable felt restrictive, in the sense that I don’t use the headset wired very often. With regards to the weight of the cable there was nothing out of the ordinary. I was aware of its presence but didn’t find it overly heavy or cumbersome.

The cable can be fed round the back of the headset and secured using the magic cable tie ensuring greater freedom of movement.

If you’re not using a full battery or some sort off extended battery option then you should probably ensure you have enough battery for the session. It’s important to note that unlike the official link fibre-optic cable, (and most USB-C 3.0+ cables) the KIWI Design cable does not meet the demand of fast-charging while gameplaying.

kiwi design vr link cable meta quest 2 crazydiscostu review

Technical Specifications

3.0 USB type-A to USB type-C elbow.

Compatible with Quest 2 and 1.

Plug and Play PCVR Compatible.

Premium Aluminum Head with Enhanced Tinplate Casing.

30AWG Drain Wire, High-Speed Data Transfer supports maximum 5Gbps

5M long, Flexible, Lightweight, and Soft – Made with durable and premium material

18-month Hassle-free Warranty and Customer Service –

kiwi design vr link cable meta quest 2 crazydiscostu review nerd cable


3rd party accessories may be as good, better or worse than the official accessories. It really is a gamble with sometimes. With Kiwi Design i was starting from a platform of trust, as i had reviewed their accessories previously and in most cases found them to be of better quality and ergonomic value to the official releases.

ALWAYS do your research as every reviewers experience is different. For me this cable was the best 3rd party cable i’ve used so far.

You can get hold of one from the Kiwi Design website for $25.99 and get a $2 discount with the code KIWI2!

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