Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds (Soundpeats)

Here at CRAZYDISCOSTU.COM we love reviewing earbuds. Actually, we love reviewing anything we can get nerdy about. That’s why we got extra excited when Soundpeats sent us their Free2 Classics. Join us for another in-depth audio review!


The Soundpeats Free2 Classic Earbuds come with a convenient USB-A to USB-C charging cable. In the box you’ll find the charger case and the earbuds come with a set of medium silicone eartips attached along with a set of both large and small. In addition to this, there is a user guide

Not that i felt the urge when testing these, but they come with an IPX4 rating meaning the earbuds can handle high-pressure water jets or being submerged up to 1 metre depth. As with most earbuds, the charging case is not water resistant. In theory, you could wear the buds when swimming or in the shower. Why you would want to is beyond me….

soundpeats Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds review

The charging case comes in matte-black with a leather-effect design. The case itself provides 4 full charges which isn’t bad going considering the user gets a fantastically long stretch on the buds before they need charged. This is where the Free2 Classic buds shine, they boast a greatly improved the battery life for up to 30 hrs of playtime overall and deliver a maximum 8hrs of playtime on a single charge. Given the price point, this is revolutionary.

The buds also come in black with the Soundpeats branding stylishly off-centre. As with the brands other earbuds the core controls remain the same and can be easily accessed :

Play/Pause: Double-tap either bud
Volume Increase: Single tap on the left bud
Volume Decrease: Single tap on the right bud
Skip back a track: Press & Hold the left bud for 1.5 seconds
Skip to the next track: Press & Hold the right bud for 1.5 seconds
Answer/Hang-up phone call: Double-tap either bud
Reject call: Press and hold for 1.5 seconds
Activate Voice Assist: Triple tap right bud

The controls remain responsive and intuitive.

Sound Quality

The best way to test these earbuds was with the fantastic Fellaship Podcast, not for the witty banter or ground-breaking social discussion but to test the EQ range and depth of sound. Moving swiftly on to our Grand Theft Auto 6 Soundtrack playlist to test the frequency response.

There is some audio deterioration at higher levels (as with most ear buds) but the mids are bright and polished. This is where these earbuds really prove themselves, however this leads the lower end bass and higher end treble to suffer at higher gain.

The Free2 Classics come with noise-reduction technology and an advanced algorithm which reduces any background noise, intelligently cancelling frequencies by emitting the exact opposite frequency in real-time.


Personally i prefer earbuds that don’t include a silicone option but given the noise-cancelling functionality of the Free2 Classics i’ll make an exception.

Depending on your personal preference you may find it difficult to access the function buttons located on the buds themselves. The likelihood of an accidental button-press is something that the Soundpeats True Air 2 and to a lesser extent the Soundpeats Air 3 buds suffer from especially when you have giant sausage fingers like me. In saying that they are still very low profile compared with other buds/pods.

soundpeats Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds review crazydiscostu

Technical Specifications

Sensitivity: 109±3dB
Resistance: 16Ω
Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
Codecs: AAC, SBC
Waterproof Rating: IPX5
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth 5.1
Maximum Working Range: 33feet/10m(no obstacle)
Playing Time: About 8 Hours(60% volume)
Earbuds Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours
Charging Case Charging Time: About 2 Hours
Charging Case Recharge Earphones: 2.8times
Earbud Dimension(LWH): 25.8418.5817.34mm
Earbud Weight: 4.06g
Charging Case Dimension(LWH): 63.144.327.1mm
Charging Case Weight: 37.86g
Bluetooth Range: Around10 m distance, even through walls


This is the latest in a line of Soundpeats products we have covered and for a good reason too. The brand has been consistently producing affordable personal audio solutions for a number of years now.

The Free2 Classic Earbuds are a joy to use and are comfortable for use. Mine have been put through some fairly rugged scenarios and still come out on top.

The audio is decent but for me the Soundpeats Air 3 will remain my favourites for style and quality. With that in mind the Free2 Classics have it nailed for price and noise reduction technology. I’d say they have the market price bracket cornered given the quality. Another winner!

You can pick these babies up from Soundpeats for an unbelievable $19.99!

soundpeats Free2 Classic Wireless Earbuds review nerd tech

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