Happy International Beer Day!

Once a year the beer community around the world unify under the banner of their shared interest – a love for that sweet sweet nectar. Join us as we look at why International Beer Day is so important for the beer community in general…

Beer communities (especially within the realm of “craft” beer) tend to be very close knit in terms of locale. There’s an underlying feeling that the most important beer is local beer. While we can all appreciate the sentiment this #DrinkLocal mindset leads to an overall restrictive view of the beer world in general.

This sentiment is of course noble, admirable and for the most part true – local beer is the best beer. My view on this matter however is entirely bias as my local breweries include Bullhouse Brew Co, Ards Brewing Co, Farmageddon, Beer Hut, Boundary, Hilden, Lacada, McCrackens, Norn Iron Brew Co, Hillstown and Whitewater to name but a few!

International Beer Day 5 August carib lager

International Beer Day is on August 5th 2022 (the first Friday in August) and is a fantastic day for trying beers further afield. It doesn’t have to be small batch/micro brews. It doesn’t have to be brewed in a negative carbon footprint with ethically-sourced ingredients, using only traditional methods (but it certainly helps). No. The point is about experiencing beers not normally on your radar and from a brewer outside your town or city.

International Beer Day drink local

International Beer Day should be about trying an international brew, preferably new to your tastebuds. This could be a new style or brewing method, brewery or brewer. This should be a day we concentrate on seeking out an International brew, not to betray your local brewer (they get your custom 364 days of the year) but to discover styles and flavours and hopefully get out of that restrictive local-only mindset.

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