Alphahom Care Go, Personal Alarm

Today we’re reviewing a game-changing gadget within the realm of personal safety and notification. Join us for a dive into this revolutionary piece of kit.

What Is It?

The Alphahom Care Go is a personal alarm. The exterior shell is made of high-quality anodized aluminium and is water (IP65 rated) and dust resistant. It is small and lightweight enough to fit in a bag, pocket or as a wearable around the neck.

The Care Go operates as both a personal alarm (using real-time GPS location) and a tracking device for your belongings and/or children. The unit connects directly to iPhone or Android devices via Bluetooth 5 and ensures fast and reliable connection at all times.

Alphahom Care Go, Personal Alarm review

The Care Go is compact, discreet and simple to use and ideal for dementia care-givers or like myself, an expectant father. As a user it’s a convenient product to have on hand in an emergency situation or in uneasy environments, offering the ability to alert your family and friends instantly to your location.

Alphahom Care Go, Personal Alarm unboxing

How Does It Work?

Instant SOS / Real-Time Location – By connecting it to the users phone, a “protector” can be set up to receive notification and location. What’s great about this is that you can set up any number of “protectors” to be notified. (A handy gadget for assembling a squad to the pub, perhaps?) Care Go also features a “follow me” option which reports the location and movement in real time.

Lost Item TrackingCare Go features bluetooth tracking to help you find lost items. The unit can be attached to keys, clothing, accessories, or anything else you could potentially lose. This process can also be used in reverse if you wish to locate your phone using the Care Go.

Critical AlertsCare Go pushes critical alerts through to your phone so your emergency contacts can receive a loud alarm even if their phone is set to silent mode. This is currently only an iOS feature, whereas Android users will only experience an on screen notification if their phone is on silent.

Year-Long Battery – The Care Go uses a rechargeable 150 mAh battery that needs only to be recharged once a year!

Alphahom Care Go, Personal Alarm whats in the box

In the Box

1 x Care Go unit
1 x USB-C Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Hanger Strip

What Did We Think?

Much of what we review is convenient home tech or fancy self-serving gadgets. This one could actually play an important part in the safety of the people we care about.

Alphahom Care Go, Personal Alarm crazydiscostu

The Care Go is an absolute gem of a gadget in my opinion. It seems like it would be ideal for elderly friends, relatives or loved ones. It’s an added piece of mind in this modern technological age.

Looking for cons against this product – the usual privacy concerns come to mind, but given that location reporting is at the heart of the Care Go that can be easily ignored. (It has also been my experience that these arguments are brought up by people who don’t understand restrictive data sharing, carry a mobile device everywhere, sign up to various location-based services and regularly check in during holidays, coffee shop trips and concerts or events.)

It’s worth noting, as with ALL safe-tech solutions, that this product should never be relied upon exclusively. I read many reviews online that stated as much but also included testimonies of users who hadn’t set the unit up properly. I would also recommend checking the make of your phone as some models are not supported.

Overall i’m blown away by how clever and useful this simple piece of kit is. You really can’t put a price on piece of mind, but if you want to…

You can find more information on the Alphahom Care Go via their website for around £39.99

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