Eksa X My Time At Sandrock, E1000 Gaming Headset

To celebrate the release of Pathea Games My Time At Sandrock, the folks over at Eksa have released a special limited edition of their popular E1000 gaming headset. Join us for a review of this funky gaming headwear!

Disclaimer : Headset supplied by Eksa for review purposes.

Eksa E1000 gaming headset review my time at sandrock


The E1000 comes in beautiful branded packaging for the collaboration and features vibrant watercolour style illustration in the games cute anime style. In the box you will find :

  • Eksa E1000 Headset
  • User Manual
  • Leather-effect Carry Pouch
  • 4 My Time At Sandrock Postcards presented in a branded envelope with Game Card.
Eksa E1000 gaming headset review gaming

Speakers And Microphone

The headset is equipped with 50mm magnetic neodymium drivers, enabling cleaner stereo in 7.1 surround sound.

The E1000’s cardioid microphone enables precise voice isolation and gated input meaning you can communicate freely without the worry of noise. The microphone can be rotated 120° vertically at the arm to your desired position.


The headset features comfortable wearability during extended periods of gaming or in a work from home setting. The earpads are breathable and form an adequate seal for greater noise isolation.

The hexagonal ear shell design is stylish and slightly industrial in theming due to the metallic-effect plate.


Everyone loves RGB setups right? Some people love them more than others but the RGB lighting on this headset isn’t as nausea-inducing as some the headsets available on the market.

The lights are tastefully displayed and the flowing gradient rainbow-style RGB glow is atmospheric yet still vibrant enough to be impressive.

Eksa E1000 gaming headset review rgb usb headset

Audio Controls

The headset features an in-line volume control wheel and mute mic switch which is convenient while gaming and easily accessible. It reminds me of the Binnune BG01 control box and also features a one-key mute switch.

Technical Specifications

Connection Type: USB
Speaker Diameter: 50mm
Sensitivity: 118dB+3dB
Speaker Impedance: 32Ω+10%
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
Microphone: 6.0mm, 2.7mm
Microphone Impedance: 2.2kΩ
Supply Voltage: 5V

The headset is compatible with PC (Windows 7/8/10), PS4/PS5 consoles, laptops, and other devices with a USB audio jack.

The E1000 features a durable and flexible cable encased in a nylon fabric mesh which offers a surprising amount of protection to the sturdy cable beneath and can be stretched up to 2.2 metres.

Eksa E1000 gaming headset review nerd geek crazydiscostu tech

My Time at Sandrock

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, My Time At Sandrock features world-building and restoring civilization to its former glory, by constructing machines and running a production workshop, you help citizens build machines to help in their daily life. My Time At Sandrock includes mini-games, dancing competitions, farm cultivation, and battle mechanics among many activities. Here’s the blurb:

Travel to the desert community of Sandrock and take on the role of a fledgling Builder. Use your trusty toolset to gather resources, construct machines, and turn your run-down workshop into a well-oiled production facility to save the town from the jaws of economic ruin! The Early Access version of My Time at Sandrock is available on Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. It’s your time to be onboarding the train to Sandrock now! Your adventure starts!


The E1000 is on the higher end of the comfort scale compared with most gaming headsets i’ve reviewed. The ear pads are sleek and encompass the entire ear to ensure perfect noise-cancelling. For me that is the strongest feature of this headset. That’s not to say there is any issue with the sound, more a commentary on how comfortable the headset is during long periods of wear.

Speaking of sound, the audio is crystal clear and shows no degradation at louder volumes.

I even went as far to test the headset during long video meetings and the sound really held up. It wasn’t a good test of the atmospheric 7.1 surround sound capabilities but it did produce a good argument for the multi-use nature of the product.

My main criticism of the E1000 is targeted at the audio control selector. In one aspect it is handy to have the volume on one side and the mute switch on the other side, however this re-ignites the constant pain of feeling around for which side you’re fiddling with when the box gets turned around. The box itself feels light in hand and seems like the least durable part of the product. Aside from that i really can’t fault this headset for overall quality.

The directional sound quality is shiny during Battle Royale sessions and can be tweaked for preference based on the user and game. The microphone nicely cuts out any of the excess chewing, burping and grunting associated with gaming comms.

You can pick up this limited edition version of the Eksa E1000 Gaming Headset via their website for around £28

Eksa E1000 gaming headset review unboxing

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