Staresso Portable Espresso Maker

Anyone who appreciates coffee will tell you that the Aeropress is the king of the coffee makers, but given the volume of overlooked quality coffee makers available out there, it seems like that crown was wrongly awarded. Join us for a review of one of those examples : today we’re reviewing the Staresso Portable Espresso Maker.

Disclaimer : Staresso Espresso Maker supplied for review purposes


For coffee drinkers in Thailand and Vietnam especially the brand is synonymous with quality accessories and options. Here’s the speel:

STARESSO is an international brand specializing in fashionable and convenient coffee and tea devices. We have been registered and operated in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea for many years and are very popular among users all over the world. Created the portable coffee machine, Smart brewer bottle for tea, won the German Red Dot Design Award, IF Design Award, Asia Outdoor Industry Awards and other honors.


The Staresso Portable Espresso Maker comes with everything you need to get started (well, not everything – you’ll need ground coffee or pods and some hot water!). The machine itself comes with an espresso glass, cleaning/piercing tool, coffee scoop and instruction booklet.


This one took about ten minutes for me to get to grips with, primarily due to my base level stupidity and inability to read the simple instruction manual.

Once set up, the coffee takes about 10 pumps to produce enough pressure to draw the coffee through and show in the glass chamber. The pump head also doubles as a useful milk frother if you’re that way inclined.

The Staresso Espresso Maker produces a beautiful silky crema that is luxuriant and smooth. The texture is impressively cushioned and even with a cheap roast the results would give any Italian cafe a run for its money.

The maker is easy to clean and has an aesthetically-pleasing design. It’s a great travel option for the discerning coffee drinker especially in a camping or trip setting.

staresso basic espresso maker review crazydiscostu

Coffee Community

With this maker there’s also the option to profile your coffee taste and texture based on the number and style of pumping, the beans and coarseness of the grind, the time in the chamber etc.

Out of this trend, a community of users are experimenting with these factors to produce specific results and share them online. There is definitely different schools of thought when it comes to beans, grind and brew, with each area being a rabbit hole of discovery and discourse.

There’s been a recent surge in pressured chamber style coffee makers, especially online in the likes of Amazon, Aliexpress, Ebay, Wacaco, Caffe2go, Cafflano, and Mania Concept. Pressurised chamber coffee makers tend to work with most grind fineness, but this one specifically favours a coarser, dark roast grind. A huge shoutout to GadgetViper for his fantastic video on how to make the best espresso where he discusses this.


This one is going to change-up my morning coffee game. I love it for the portability and simplicity of the design making it accessible to someone that doesn’t dream of working as a barista.

The price point and the design stand up against a traditional in-home coffee makers i’ve looked at, and is ideal for a minimalist home setup due to its compact size.

You can pick up this fantastic coffee tech from all good stockists and via the STARESSO website for around $64.99 (£54 GBP).

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