Kiwi Design Meta Quest 2 Battery Head Strap

We’re always looking for the next product release for Meta Quest 2. Usually this involves rigorous play sessions and testing scenarios – sounds terrible, right? The main thing that hinders that goal is running out of juice in both headset and controllers.

As usual Kiwi Design have identified this as an issue to gamers and set about creating a solution, or as they like to put it : “Make Things Better”. Join us as we field test their latest Meta Quest 2 Battery Head Strap.

Product supplied by Kiwi Design for testing purposes

This is an issue that plagues a lot of gamers. There you are, struggling to reload during an intense game of After The Fall, when suddenly you are plucked from VR by the message of a shutdown due to no battery life. Your fireteam, pissed off and swarmed by the horde, call you names you will never hear….

It’s frustrating to say the least. The Meta Quest 2 has an impressive battery life built in (considering the size and weight of the unit against the output) but sometimes it’s just not enough for the task at hand. That task of course being extended play time.

Needless to say – with VR being the ever-growing industry it is and studios pushing the hardware to its limits, the need for extended battery life is a constant concern.


The Kiwi Design packaging is not only simplistic and minimalistically stylish, but with emphasis being on the product itself rather than the box. Much like their other products the packaging is functional more than anything else.

Installation was simple and afforded me the long-overdue opportunity to give the headset a good clean. (Luckily Kiwi Design also sent out their fantastic lens cleaning tool!)

Design and Specifications

Material – The head strap is made from a high elasticity plastic and a fire-resistant material for the battery compartment. The material is sturdy and durable.

Battery – The lithium-ion battery is manufactured by Amprius Technologies, founded in 2008, who specialize in designing batteries which hold a larger capacity while maintaining a smaller size.


How does it hold up against the Kiwi Design Upgraded Quest 2 Elite Strap we previously reviewed? Well, for one thing and most obviously – this head strap is equipped with a battery pack.

The battery adds long life to this playtime. How long does it add? I couldn’t tell you! I played for around 3-4 hours on both batteries and still had around 50% juice left in the Kiwi Design battery.

The convenience of having a backup power supply is immeasurable. I used this battery as both an emergency fall back when the main battery ran out of juice, and as a primary source of power. In both case the result was a fantastic stretching of playtime.

It’s a useful addition to any headset setup and there is a barely perceivable addition of weight as the strap is perfectly balanced to accommodate the battery. An absolute lifesaver for the immersive gamer. I adore how this addition makes my headset look. I’ve got a proper rig going on!

Kiwi Design (at time of writing) are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary and are offering a staggering 20% discount using code 4TH20 at checkout!

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