5 Bill Burr Rants To Start Your Day

As far as comedians go Bill Burr isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but for those who enjoy comedy he represents a polished version of the “rant comedian” whose routines are enjoyed the world over.

Where Bill Hicks displayed an almost preacher-like quality and George Carlin danced with language and phrasing, Burr‘s act is based in the observational. The comic delivers grumbling on the slights and injustices of this modern world with all the frustrated anger and pent up aggression of a man who relishes being sick of it all.

We’ve collected some of his best rants for your consideration below:

Bryan Cranston / Acting – Bill outlines his feelings on acting.

First Lady – Bill talks about Michelle Obama and the role of the first lady.

Titanic is a horror film – Bill talks about life, marriage, brunch and equality

Bill on the Depp / Heard trial – Bill talks about the trial, relationships and lying (Going further to discuss the court of public opinion).

Cancelling the dead – Bill talks about Sean Connnery, domestic violence,

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