Klatre K Series 1 Smartwatch

The market is currently flooded with “affordable smart watches”, so which is worth a go? Where does quality match price point? We look at one of those recommendations today with the Klatre KS1 Smart Watch. An affordable wearable from a feisty young company! Lets go!

K Series Smart Watch Provided by Klatre for review purposes.


Klatre was founded in October 2021 in Shenzhen, Guangdong China. Despite being a relatively young company they are dedicated to the definition and innovation of smart wearable tech.

Their first product, the Klatre VR Cable, officially entered the market last year and has been receiving consistently good feedback ever since.

The team are dedicated to exploring tech and building toward a brighter future. As this excerpt from their mission statement points out :

We love innovation

We go forward

Dare to think

Dare to do

Never say no

We work hard, we focus, we innovate, we serve

We love, design, and make cool things.


The K series (KS1) represents their second product release from their 3 core range.

klatre ks1 smart watch crazydiscostu tech review out of the box

K Series KS1

Out of the box the striking thing about the KS1 is the lightweight design. Admittedly this is initially off-putting and makes me feel uneasy about the quality of the product. This lasts until i actually put the KS1 on and realise it was specifically and deliberately designed to to be lightweight for wearability. A nice consideration in these days of “more is more” bulky wearable designs.

A consideration we factored in to our reviews of both the Willful SW352 Fitness Tracker and more accurately the Soundpeats Watch Pro 1. Slim is in. Bulk is out!

The KS1 comes with USB magnetic charging cable, fitted strap, sports strap and relevant user documentation. As with most smart watches it’s very much a “charge it up and go” affair, unless you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

The KS1 displays a handy QR code on the watch face upon booting which leads us to downloading the associated GloryFit app. The app isn’t chock full of bells and whistles but has more than enough to facilitate the setup and customisation of the necessary features.

klatre ks1 smart watch crazydiscostu tech review watch faces

There’s a surprisingly good library of watch face customisations which featured a lot more than just the stock watch faces, displaying the same tired time/date/step count/heart rate values. Each watch face is quite different from the last and includes extra values for the user such as temperature, calorie burn, day, weather etc.

Browsing the 100+ watch faces is entertaining but becomes time-consuming due to the pull-down-to-load-list-refresh interface. Either way it should only take around a minute or so to locate the perfect watch face for each user. There’s even the option to use your own photo as a background for the watch face. As you can see, i decided on functional and practical, however there is a wide selection of fun faces available.

klatre ks1 smart watch crazydiscostu tech review ks1 face gloryfit app

An out-of-the-box charge was not necessary but advised nonetheless. The Inbuilt 260mAh battery should reach 100% from empty after around 2 hours charging. (After a 24 hour period only 9% battery was used so that tallies with the technical specifications).

The KS1 features music and camera control when connected to your mobile device allowing you to play/pause/skip tracks, and to trigger the camera remotely, and respectively.

KS1 features a host of typical smart watch features – read text messages via Bluetooth connection, alarm, timer, stopwatch and menstruation tracker. This smart watch goes further to provide a notification trigger to help you find your phone (built into the watch) and one to help you find your watch (built into the app).

The Klatre Smart Watch features sleep tracking and records the length of your sleep, the length of deep sleep, light sleep, the number of times you are awake during sleep, and the sleep cycle itself. This can be displayed on the watch face itself.

The K Series is water resistant to 50 meters, so you can wear it in the shower, pool and beyond (doing the dishes perhaps? Consult the manual).

It also features a heart rate and blood oxygen monitor if you’re into that sort of thing. But it’s worth noting that no smart device on the market is a good substitute for a doctors opinion!

klatre ks1 smart watch crazydiscostu tech review calendar planner

Tech Specs

  • Display : Innovative TFT-LCD screen with 1.69″ high-refresh-rate, 240*280 resolution, 600 nits high brightness
  • Battery : Inbuilt 260mAh battery can be used for up to 10 days on one charge with a standby time of 20-30 days.
  • Modes : 20+ Sports Modes
  • Blood Oxygen and Heart Rate Monitor
  • Water Resistant
  • 100+ Watch Face Styles and Customisation


As mentioned in previous smart watch reviews – I’m not a fan of wearing a watch in general. This is where the K Series excels personally for me. The lightweight design means it’s easy to forget the smart watch is even there. There is very little weight on the wrist and the low profile means the watch isn’t going to get caught on clothing or be easily damaged.

The K Series is comfortable enough to be used during sleep, again without the clunky feeling associated with many of its competitors.

This is an affordable smart watch option and very comfortable and forgettable to wear. It’s got all the features ever needed in a smart watch and may stay on my wrist longer than some its competitors….

You can pick up their K Series Smart Watch from their website for around £35-£40.

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