Proximat Portal VR Playmat

Today we’re checking out the Proximat, the best selling VR playmat in the US! How does it affect VR usage? How comfortable is it? Is this just another VR gimmick??? Join us to find out!

The Proximat

The Proximat helps to set physical boundaries and adds extra cushioning when playing on hard or non-carpeted floors. The mat works best on hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile floors but can be used on rugs and low pile carpets. The texture on the underside of the mat ensures it isn’t going to move around, even on the smoothest of floors.

The mat will not move when used on carpeted floors, to ensure this Proximat have also included Velcro type “Hook” Coins that you can attach to the bottom of the mat.

The Proximat has a diameter of 42″ , is perfect for VR games and the size means it is ideal for 360 degree gaming or fitness apps especially.

The Proximat Metaverse Portal also includes easily removable a center button which is handy for user placement and direction. There is also a button on the “front” of the mat which is handy for Playstation VR users who may want it to point to the PSVR camera for convenience sake.

Size 12 feet for reference


The mat comes rolled up and setup is as simple as unrolling it and getting started! (After moving furniture, pets, children, spouses etc out of you designated play space of course)

The Proximat is lightweight enough to make it easily stored when not in use. Simply just roll it up and store it away when it is not needed.


I tested the Proximat out with a few games on Beat Saber and After The Fall. The Proximat made for an excellent playing surface due to the physical nature of both games.

The padding of the Proximat Portal is comfortable for extended periods of use and actually found my legs and knees specifically didn’t ache as much. (I’m in my 40s now and the mileage is showing…)

I was worried the Proximat might be too gimmicky, but then I remembered that I run a gimmicky blog and review gimmicky products within gimmicky industries! Embrace the gimmickry! Life is a gimmick!

My dog also enjoyed the product and got a stern telling off for nibbling the the edge of the product. He eventually got tired and found it comfortable enough to lie on. So that’s an endorsement from the animal kingdom :

You can pick up the Proximat Portal from their website for around £17.76

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