EKSA telecom H1 Plus Bluetooth Headset

It’s definitely a symptom of modern work in the post Covid era and the daily grind of the remote worker – having a decent audio setup for Zoom/Skype/Teams calls is an absolute must. If your day is as equally filled with video meetings or face to face calls you’ll be in the same technological boat.

Eksa have once again identified a need in the market for a decent communication solution and have developed a Bluetooth headset ideal for such situations….

H1 Plus Headset provided by Eksa Telecom for review purposes

eksa h1 plus bluetooth headset box

H1 Plus

The trucker-style design ensures that the H1 Plus provides a casual fit, allowing one ear available for local environment and the other for a crafted and comfortable enclosed audio option.

Out of the box and on to the USB C charge, the instructions state that a full charge is achievable in 1.5 hours and can be monitored via the LED status light beside the charging port.

We previously covered Eksa’s fantastic special edition (E1000) gaming headset and were very impressed with the brands attention to detail, from the box itself to screaming obscenities at friends in lobbies with crystal clarity.

The H1 Plus headset features 30 hours of talk time at a 99ft/30m range (or 50m if you live in an open and obstacle-free space). So essentially it could withstand 57 hours of music or a phone call from your mother, all while you go about your daily housework!

The EKSA telecom headset utilises VoicePure ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology. In normal-person terms, it’s a cutting-edge AI-Powered technology that dynamically detects and nullifies up to 99.8% of ambient noise (with a noise reduction depth of over 45 dB) and cancels it out before reaching your ears. The speaker uses professionally tuned 40 mm drivers with a DLC carbon fiber composite diaphragm and oxygen-free copper voice coil.

Or to put it in more layperson terms – the headset uses magic and cobwebs to make the sound perfect!

The 500 mAh battery level can be monitored from your audio source device or Bluetooth manager (PC, Laptop, Phone, USB device etc).

The USB A dongle is best described as being of compact or standard size. The dongle takes up a USB slot, so something to think about if you are using a device with limited USB slots or a hub.

The EKSA telecom headset features their CloudSoft Ear Cushions, a soft, breathable, and gentle fabric ergonomically designed to keep the pressure off your head, preventing soreness or fatigue.

The headset uses the latest Bluetooth 5 tech and powerful built-in Qualcomm chip to ensure a lightning-fast and ultra-stable connection and even allows for dual Bluetooth pairing.

The headset features a conveniently placed mute button on the microphone arm, alongside volume and function controls on the main/ear section of the unit. The function button can be used to control the source device music player and can also trigger the devices Voice Assistant.

A luxurious Eksa telecom branded bag is also included (along with the headset, spare ear cushion, dongle, instructions and charging cable).

eksa h1 plus bluetooth headset whats in the box


I road-tested this one on a recent work-related performance review. Such was my confidence in the brand. The wireless nature of the product allowed for a significant amount of moving around, dancing and gymnastics. Needless to say the road test went well and got to keep my job.

I was left a bit sceptical of the headset range when it cut out 2 rooms away (around 30ft), however it was tested in a built up area, with thick walls and competing interference, so again, something to consider. Personally i’ll never be more than 30ft away from the source so it’s not a factor for me.

The H1 Plus is comfortable over long periods and provides clear audio on both ends of the conversation. The audio is decent and it’s a lightweight bit of headgear. The adjustable headband and rotatable bracket meant it could be positioned easily, especially for freaks with weird shaped heads!

You can pick up the headset from Eksa’s Amazon Store or (globally) via their website here for around $64.99 / £57. (10% off code NOW: YA9ITDNW:)

eksa h1 plus bluetooth headset and bag

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