King Slayer DIPA, Buxton Brewery.

As you can appreciate from the beers namesake, this one isn’t going to leave you high and dry with a poor finish. The brewer isn’t going to give up after years of sculpting a fantastic product and turn in a half-assed result. I am of course talking (again) about Game Of Thrones….some wounds never heal. Like having your sword hand cut off!

King Slayer DIPA from Buxton Brewery does not suffer from these issues. It begins with a lovely foam cling throughout the pour that adds an air of lightness to proceedings.

There’s barely time for a sniff before swinging mouth first into stonefruit smoothness that turns to a thick and deep resinous mouthfeel overpowered by a rich and juicy citrus flavour.

It clubs a pineapple on the way out, sliding into the sweet and slightly bitter finish. That initial smoothness lingers throughout the battle.

Ultimately refreshing and deceptively loaded at 8.0%, King Slayer provides a loving coating on the throat with a mild burn afterthought. The heft is in the mid finish, somewhere around the tropical clubbing.

I’ve revisited this one a few times. It’s what i would call a good “gateway” Double IPA. If you’re unsure about the style or percentage then give this one a whirl.

King Slayer is moreish, sumptuous and it’s sure to piss off a few of the beer gatekeepers that this brew is available in Tesco. Unlike GOT this one ends well.

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