Destek OC One Meta Quest 2 Charging Case

We’re always on the look out for ways to keep your expensive kit safe from harm. Destek have stepped in to offer solutions specifically for Meta Quest 2 today. Join us for a look at a travel and storage solution that not only protects, but charges aswell!

Destek OC One supplied for review purposes


There’s a prevailing quality among companies that produce VR accessories, it’s that they have a constant feedback loop with their users. Destek is no different. The company has been undertaking this mission since 2014. The company takes great pride in this feedback and redesign loop, taking on board user opinion and crafting products to fit those needs.

“We believe that a more personalized and futuristic product design can better reflect our personality, reveal our tastes, and participate and feel the change in the future. Meet the future, feel the face of the future technology-empowered life with DESTEK users.”

OC One Charging Carry Case

Lets start from a seemingly logical place – the outside. As you can see the case is a balance of stylish design and futuristic tech porn. The case has a window – it’s blue-tinted, framed in silver metal-effect plastic and allows you to keep an eye on that expensive bit of tech you’ve got nestled comfortably inside.

Destek OC One Meta Quest 2 Charging Case review

The OC One is a tough plastic covered in a modern grey fabric. The zip lip (i’m gonna copyright that) is made from durable but lightweight plastic covering verging on rubber. Most importantly – it’s water resistant. The handle is made from the same sort of material but with a lovely grip texture.

On the inside, the blue-tinted window has an industrial quality to it and looking through it is like something out of 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea. The mouldings are sturdy plastic and the wiring is all tucked neatly away.

The magnetic USB-C plug is a really handy feature that ensures as little fumbling around as possible. The cables just snap into place. Hey presto, alakazam, etc.

The case is equipped with a fast charger and multi-protect safety system that has overcharging, overheating, and short circuit protection.

What’s In The Box?

Quest 2 Charging Carrying Case
QC3.0 Protocol Charger
3m USB-C Power Cable
Magnetic Charging Adapter
Quick Charge Magnetic Charging Head
Magnetic Charging Head Puller

Tech Specs

Charging storage bag Input: 9V⎓2A
Magnetic fast charging port output: 5V⎓2A
USB-C port output: 5V⎓2Amax
QC3.0 Charger Input: AC 11V/240V, 50/60Hz, 0.5A max
Output: 5V⎓3A, 9V⎓2A, 12V⎓1.5A
Product size: 388259147mm
Product weight: 1058g

Destek OC One Meta Quest 2 Charging Case quest 2 and controller


As you can see from the photo above, the headset without any augmentations fits extremely well, but the OC One caters for Elite Strap/Battery Pack setups which is a fine consideration on Desteks design. Even with controller attachment the units still fit.

What should really be highlighted is that the case is an option for use at home as well as transit. The point of the OC One is that it doubles, not only as a travel accessory but as a safe storage space for the Quest 2 headset and controllers.

When playtime has finished the setup can be put on charge and tidied away all at the same time. That level of convenience and hitting two birds with a Destek stone is worth its weight in gold.

The design is stylish, that’s inescapable, so if you’re one of those showy people who like to have your Quest 2 on display then this is a good option for you. Put it on a coffee table next to the latest issue of “VR Aficionado” and Zuckerbergs biography.

The case allows for simultaneous charging of the Quest 2 and Battery Pack (such as Elite Strap) which is a game changer. Like i said, convenience can be pricey! Luckily the OC One is not. You can pick it up from Destek for around $98.99.

Check it out on the Destek site.

Destek OC One Meta Quest 2 Charging Case box

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