Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand

We recently discussed the need to display your quest 2 so that everyone can see what an absolute pro you are. With that in mind we’re reviewing the VR Charging Display Stand from Hibloks. Lets show it off…

Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand provided for review purposes

Right off the bat, the unit comes with 2 rechargeable batteries that can be installed in the controller handles and charged via a magnetic USB C connection. Game-changer!

The display stand is made from a high quality transparent acrylic. This eye-catching display utilises 25 coloured lamp beads, with 7 colour variations (red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple) to give your VR setup an awesome glow. The display lighting can be toggled with a switch on the base. This can be achieved with a single/double-click to switch between colourful gradient, monochrome gradient, and monochrome constant light. The light can also be toggled on/off for those who don’t want to show off too much.

Full charge for the Quest 2 from empty takes around 3 hours and controller in 10 hours, lasts about 10-15 days and has a guaranteed charge of around 500 instances. That may seem like a long time but if you’re displaying your headset then you’re not going to worried about it sitting in a stand or cradle for that length of time.

The charging stand base has two anti-skid pads installed on the bottom to add to stability when in use.

Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand contents

Whats In The Box

Display stand
Controller covers (left and right)
2 x rechargeable batteries
2 x magnetic charging cable for controller
USB-C cable for headset
Display charging cable
User Manual
Lens dust cloth


So is it sympathetic to augmentations and attachments? Short answer : NO. Longer answer : NOT REALLY. If your headset allows for tilting and weight distribution then it’s a MAYBE. As for the controllers – the battery covers provided support this fuss-free magnetic charging model that may not be compatible with attachments. Your not going to hang your Beat Saber handle up here…

The stand comes with a removable frosted protective film to protect the acrylic, which is an absolute pain to remove completely but does keep the acrylic scratch-free during delivery.

A great option here is that it supports a range of VR models :

Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand compatible vr

The rechargeable battery with USB C connector and magnetic lead caused major confusion but once i engaged my brain it was a simple and common sense-based process. (I had slotted in the rechargeable batteries without noticing the USB C port on the actual AA battery itself. Once discovered it was just a matter of aligning the slot within the battery compartment to coincide with the hole on the Hibloks battery cover, then attach the USB C connector. Amazing what happens when you pay attention!)

The idea is that the cradle is not to be moved, it’s a display stand that charges your headset and controllers. With a wife who loves housework, a puppy who adores chaos and a child grabbing anything within reach this isn’t an ideal storage solution for me. If you had a games room, a great shelf or a dedicated space to not only game, but to show the stand off then this is the one for you!

The lighting makes the headset look like a futuristic piece of holy tech, handed down form the Metaverse gods themselves.

If I could improve on the design any i would include some sort of charging display to let the user know how much juice the headset and controllers are getting or have left to receive.

This stand turned out to be a lot better than the Dazed Charging Dock (purchased from Amazon) I had been using previously which broke after a month or so. This Hibloks model is the best cradle/display solution I’ve come across so far and the fact that it charges everything at once is the main punching power, specifically the magnetic battery clips which are an absolute blessing.

You can pick the Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand up from the Hibloks site or from Amazon for around £50

Hibloks VR Charging Display Stand lighting

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