Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2

We recently covered Aubika‘s fantastic Excellence Head Strap and Battery Pack combo and very impressed we were too! Aubika were kind enough to pass our review on to their design team in an effort to further develop their products with user-focus in mind. They even let us have a shot at their new rechargeable grip covers for Quest 2. Take a gander!

Aubika rechargeable grip covers supplied for review purposes

In style, there’s not much difference between these and the Kiwi Design grips we’ve been using (apart from the obvious addition of charging). The Aubika grips are slimmer to account for the lack of battery cover opening which would sometimes get in the way or portrude into the users palm. The focus for Aubika‘s design has a longer profile which expertly mimics a stick/handle feel and with the solid strap these are ideal for fitness apps like FitXR.

Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 controllers

As you can see they also accommodate further accessories such as the Kiwi Design Controller Dumbbells we reviewed previously which is a huge win in my book. Again, having brands make considerations for the users goes a LONG way.

The Aubika Rechargeable Grips are textured and durable, anti-slip and ensure your palms stay comfortable and sweat-free. They are custom designed for the Quest 2 controllers which means the fit is snug and they’re easy to install. There’s no mucking about with batteries as the rechargeable battery unit is dedicated within the grip casing and the covers feature built-in USB- C ports for easy charging. The grips come in black or white, are really easy to install, they’re comfortable and seem to be very durable.

The strap can be lengthened from 4.76” to 6.97”, this adds comfort and customisation for different games, with the added benefit of adjustment for people with freakishly large hands. So your mate with the Sasquatch hands can now play too!

A fully charged battery will provide around 20-24 hours of use which is staggering, delivered via the convenient 3-in-1 USB-C charging cable compatible with the original Quest 2 charging adapter. (Aubika will be selling replacement batteries separately as well and guarantee a warranty of 1 year)

Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 charging cable usb c
Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 whats in the box


As we have stated many times before, this is the step that many users were calling for – an opportunity to charge controllers. The fact that Aubika added a rechargeable battery pack solution is mind blowing. They have managed to pair comfortability with durability and practicality. And they’re aesthetically pleasing on top of all that!

There’s even a battery charge indication light!!! Another feature the community have been calling out for – the ability to identify that charging is not only taking place, but that a charging status can also be ascertained at a glance!

Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 usb c slot

I’m in love. This is exactly what the community have been crying out for and is now a solid addition to my setup. This is essential kit….

You can pick up a set of Aubika’s amazing rechargeable grip covers via their website or from their Amazon Store for around £40.

Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 box

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