Naenka Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headset

Today we’re checking out a personal audio solution for runners who like to conduct business on the move! Cue the Runner Caller Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headset from NAENKA.

Runner Caller supplied by NAENKA for review purposes


NAENKA, launched in 2017, make a variety of personal audio solutions to fit each scenario, specifically sport and swimming style bone conduction designs. This sporting and athletic purpose is very much the origins of NAENKA.

This passion for blending sport and music, with quality and at an affordable price may seem like a huge endeavour but it’s a role NAENKA have embraced by focusing on research.

Although we are committed to design and purpose, we focus equally on the sound quality of our products. Through a collaboration with Toronto-based Musician William Arnaldo. Mr. Arnaldo tuned Naenka products to various music styles, chasing after the purest sound available to listeners.

NAENKA Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headset box

Runner Caller

The idea of bone conduction is that it allows the user to hear external/environmental sounds while still enjoying sweet tunes or nagging phone calls. The thought process here is that if you’re fit enough to run, you’re fit enough to conduct a conversation. Personally I struggle with both, separately and for differing reasons.

The conduction plates (CVC 8.0 technology) twinned with the foam cover on the microphone produce a noise-cancelling effect and eliminates ambient noise for clearer audio and communication. The microphone arm swivels with 225 degrees to ensure a comfortable and efficient fit.

The controls are easy to use: the headphones feature 3 main control buttons, each of which serves a multifunction purpose (answer/hang up/play/pause/volume control/switch audio/activate the voice assistant).

The battery features around 9 hours of talk time/6 hours listening only, from a 1.5-2 hour charge time, which is more than enough time discuss whatever it is that can’t wait until your run is over.

NAENKA Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headset contents


Noise-Cancelling Boom Microphone
Comfortable Fit
Easy Controls
Patented Bone Conduction Technology
Large Battery Capacity


The NAENKA Bone Conduction Headset would be ideal in a work setting. The mixture of conducted sounds with the external allows the user to conduct conversation easily in both settings. This headset would be ideal for a customer-facing role, perhaps in a receptionist capacity or a warehousing setting (with specific focus lending to the Health and Safety aspect).

The difference here, compared with other bone conduction headphones is the obvious inclusion of a dedicated external microphone arm. This may limit the headphones in scale of scope but it also defines their use perfectly. Where they could entirely be used in the gym, for example, it would be a waste of the headsets abilities if the user wasn’t having a loud business-themed phone call at the same time.

I’m being silly for effect, it’s worth noting that this is very much the intention for these headphones (the use of the microphone arm, not the silliness). NAENKA also produced a line of models without the microphone arm.

You can pick up NAENKA’s Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headphones for around £47 from their site.

You can get a further 15% of if you use the code : Crazydiscostu

NAENKA Runner Caller Bone Conduction Headset buttons

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