KKCOBVR Q2 Pro Battery IR Strap

A fairly consistent concern for VR users is decent tracking. Specifically with the Quest 2, the controllers (or hands) and play space require a set amount of environmental lighting to ensure accurate tracking.

KKCOBVR have stepped in to put a stop to low light tracking issues with their fantastic Q2 IR strap. Continue reading to find out why this is some next level thinking!

Q2 IR strap provided for review purposes


KKCOBVR is a small but mighty company that have defined their mission to design and produce a series of Oculus/Meta Quest 2.

They have a strict no-nonsense policy which includes selling only original products with the finest quality at the best possible price and giving their customers “the most amaze-balls experience ever“.

kkcobvr Q2 IR pro box and instructions

Q2 IR Pro Strap

The Strap : The strap itself features a multi-point adjustment system which allows the weight of the headset to be evenly distributed.

The adjustment dial on the back of the headstrap can easily be can be adjusted even during playtime, and can also be fitted at the top and sides via the attached comfort straps.

The Battery Pack : The 10,000 mAh battery gives the user around 4.5 – 5.5 hours of extended use. The battery pack adopts a magnetic quick-release design can be detached and charged.

The magnets which hold it in place are strong and provide a secure fitting. It would be an impressive feat for the battery to come lose during play.

The IR unit : The Q2 IR Pro setup features a built-in infrared light that can be powered by the battery pack (which can simultaneously power the headset!) The IR light features 2 levels of brightness and can be adjusted using the operation/function button (one press to operate level 1, a second press for level 2, a third press to turn off).

The first level of brightness can be used for a room of around 25-35 ㎡, and the second level can be used for 40-50 ㎡. These level functions can also be dictated by existing light levels, but the main pulling power here is the ability to use the headset in complete pitch black settings.

The power of the IR light’s throw can be seen once pass-through mode is initiated and presents like any normal torch within that view.

Tech Specs And Features

The Q2 IR PRO safety system includes overcharge protection, short circuit protection and temperature control. Input & Output is DC 5V 2.6A MAX, charging faster than other battery head straps.

It can power the IR light and charge the quest2 at the same time via KKCOBVR‘s official 2-in-1 charging cable.

Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 13 x 7.5 x 4.5 cm; 237 Grams

kkcobvr Q2 IR pro strap and battery


The strap itself is comfortable and well weighted. The IR light is impressively strong and the battery provides a healthy amount of power in a backup or primary setting.

My only criticism of the Q2 IR Pro is purely selfish – the IR unit and battery unit cannot be removed from the strap. This may seem like an overly idiotic concern given the features that the strap provides, however for a user that mixes and matches accessories from different brands, this concern is valid. It would be a fantastic opportunity for KKCOBVR to make accessories that can be added to the base unit setup of other third party straps. (This is available in the form of their i2 unit)

And that criticism is admittedly a stretch. Other than that i can’t find anything to compalin about. The Q2 IR Pro setup is fantastic. Having the ability to power both the IR light and headset itself is revolutionary. As is the idea of playing VR in low/no light level environments.

One Q2 IR PRO review i read online even detailed the user playing Beat Saber, drinking water and then going to the toilet all in pitch black while using the IR light. Each to their own, i suppose.

You can pick this setup up from the KKCOBVR website and their official AliExpress store for around £50.

kkcobvr Q2 IR pro box

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