Hogwarts Legacy Character Building Template

With the release of one of the most hotly anticipated games in nerd history, we have decided to put together a character creation template based on what we know about the game so far. Yes, we’re geeks. This is what we do…..

Hogwarts Legacy

The game is set to be released across latest generation consoles on February 10th 2023 (with last generation consoles not receiving the release until April 3rd for some anger-inducing reason or another), and sees players attending the famous school for Wizards.

What we know about the game so far is that the (physical) character creation process begins with preset appearances that can be customized to fit the players preference.

Much like any good RPG, players have the opportunity to create and use their own pre-built character.

You can create your own character via the quiz at Wizarding World which includes a visual representation alongside details of House, wand and Petronus. (For a limited time there is also a prompt to link your account for an in-game cosmetic)

crazydiscostu wizarding world portrait

You can generate a Harry Potter style name here for added authenticity.

You can build your personal profile by copy and pasting the fields below:

  • Name :
  • Race :
  • Gender :
  • House :
  • Wand:
  • Appearance :
  • Blood :
  • Personality traits :
  • Pet :
  • Backstory :

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