ZyberVR Fitness Handles for Quest 2

Ever wanted to Darth Maul your way through some coloured blocks or paddle your way into another reality? Today we’re checking out some Quest 2 accessories from ZyberVR.

Product supplied for review purposes


ZyberVR are devoted to creating a range of VR accessories utilising their strengths in professional product development and supply chain. Their goal is 100% customer satisfaction:

We are a group of enthusiasts who love VR hardware and come together to provide the best experience for virtual reality hardware users. We trust virtual reality is going to change the gaming experience and the way you see the world. Our mission is to make it as comfortable and practical as possible.
Zyber hopes to provide the best hardwares for everyone who is crazy about Virtual Reality. Our products have been exported to over 20 countries and 80,000 customers.

ZyberVR provides VR accessories for headsets like Quest 2, Quest Pro, and Pico 4. Products range from the head strap, charging dock, case, controller extensions, and face cover, to VR prescription lenses.

ZyberVR Fitness Handles

The ZyberVR handles are designed with certain games in mind and can be used in differing modes:

zybervr fitness handles for quest 2 modes

Long Handle Mode: Darth Maul Mod for Beat Saber, Kayak VR: Mirage, Blade and Sorcery, Sword of Gargantua etc

Double Stick Mode is ideal for the likes of Beat Saber, AudioTrip, FitXR, Supernatural VR, Synth Riders, Ragnarock, Smash Drums, BoomBox, Fruit Ninja, First Person Tennis, Eleven Table Tennis, Gorilla Tag – any independent single-hand movement games.

Golf Club Mode is perfect for Golf+, (the excellent) Walkabout Mini Golf, Golf 5 eClub, ExVRience etc

zybervr fitness handles for quest 2 golf club

They feature a Stable Quick-Lock Connection which secure & stabilize the Quest 2 controller, without blocking the signal to the headset sensors.

The handle grips are made of a comfortable and skin-friendly, anti-slip rubber (the same material as golf club grips).

The handles come with external wrist straps for added safety. In the box you will also find a stylish bag for easy storage which also lends an air of ritual to storing the handles.

zybervr fitness handles for quest 2 darth maul


The ZyberVR handles in their extended/golf form (handle and middle connector) are the closest I’ve felt to holding a lightsaber in VR, add to that the ability to replicate the Maul-style (staff with a controller on each end). This is ideal for the likes of Beat Saber, Kayak VR Mirage and Phantom : Covert Ops. The grip texture is fantastic for active games and the sizing makes for an authentic feeling.

The quick lock buckle means there’s very little mucking about changing the controllers over from the standard setup. Just a simple click.

zybervr fitness handles for quest 2 whats in the box

Some releases appear to have detachable weights but this was not the case in the product I tested. (contact ZyberVR if you want specific details) This wasn’t much of a concern as the handles were perfectly weighted for me.

Given the locking system, the handles do not support external additions such as controller weights or battery-charger packs. This would be more of a concern if the locking system wasn’t so necessary. The controllers feel secure because of this so it’s an essential design choice.

All in all – very comfortable to use and convenient to change over. Good job!

You can pick these awesome handles up from the Zyber VR site for around $45

(Use XMAS2022 to Get 10% Off Sitewide – Valid until 30th Dec)

zybervr fitness handles for quest 2 locking controller

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