iSTOCK Virtual Reality Gunstock

Today we’re checking out a niche attachment for the Meta Quest 2 that facilitates more immersive gameplay. The iStock VR gun stock is a virtual reality accessory that allows users to simulate the experience of firing a gun while playing VR games. Join us for a review!

The iStock allows gamers to experience a level of realism and immersion that is not possible with traditional controllers or mouse and keyboard setups. This allows for a comfortable and natural shooting position, which can help improve accuracy and reduce fatigue during prolonged gaming sessions.

iSTOCK Virtual Reality Gunstock

The iStock is compatible devices such as the Oculus/Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest Pro and HP Reverb G2. The gun stock is compatible with many popular VR shooting games, such as Onward, Contractor$, Population One, and Vail to name but a few. This makes it a versatile accessory for anyone looking to enhance their VR gaming experience.

iSTOCK Virtual Reality Gunstock review

The iStock VR gun stock is available in a variety of colors, which can match your gaming setup or personal preferences.

The best use of the iStock had to be After The Fall – the combination of holster movement and quick gun play made the iStock really feel native during gameplay. The iStock lined up with the in-game iron sights and scopes perfectly.

iSTOCK Virtual Reality Gunstock crazydiscostu review

My only criticisms of the iStock centre around the weight and adjustability. The gun stock is made from one hollow piece of molded plastic, meaning that it feels very light and cannot be adjusted for length. These two factors took away from how potentially immersive its use could be.

With that in mind, this is still the best gun stock for Quest 2 I have used to date and is complimented by the modest price tag.

You can pick up the iStock Virtual Reality Gun Stock from the iStock website for around £34 via this link

iSTOCK Virtual Reality Gunstock crazydiscostu review vr

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