EasySMX TG-01 TWS Gaming Earbuds

EasySMX have developed a gaming audio solution specifically for Quest 2 users and they were kind enough to send them out for review. Join us as we look at an immersive addition to our already insanely bloated Quest 2 setup!

TG-01 supplied for review purposes


EasySMX made its mark in the gaming industry by providing high-quality gaming products at affordable prices. Since its establishment in 2012, the company has been catering to the needs of the ever-evolving gaming market.

The company offers a wide range of gaming gear, including headsets, keyboards, mice, and more, all designed to enhance the gaming experience of the user.

EasySMX takes feedback from its customers seriously and uses it to improve its products and services, which is why their range of products is so focused and designed ergonomically.


The EasySMX TG-01 TWS Gaming Earbuds are designed to provide a seamless and immersive gaming experience, with a focus on sound quality, comfort, and connectivity.

The earbuds feature a powerful 7mm driver, which delivers crisp and detailed audio with frequency response ranges from 20Hz-20kHz.

The earbuds are designed to provide maximum comfort during long gaming sessions, feature an ergonomic design and come with three different sizes of ear tips.

The EasySMX TG-01 feature a stable and fast connection via Bluetooth 5.0. The earbuds feature a built-in microphone, which allows for clear communication during online gaming sessions (or if you decide to use them for something other than gaming, like a loser, you could probably use them for phone alls etc). The earbuds also support touch control, meaning you can control the volume, song, call and activate voice assistant with a simple touch.

The battery life of the EasySMX TG-01 is around 6 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The earbuds also come with a portable charging case, which provides an additional 24 hours of battery life. The charging time takes aroiund 1.5 hours to fully charge.

TG-01 boasts an ultra-low latency of under 30ms

Tech Specs

Brand: EasySMX

Color: Black

Connectivity Technology: Bluetooth, 2.4Ghz

Compatible Devices: Personal Computer

Item Dimensions: 2.36 x 0.7 x 1.96 inches

Item Weight: 0.35 Pounds

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Oculus Quest 2,Steam Deck

TG-01 features LightningSync️ wireless technology and uses a 2.4GHz high-speed wireless connection, custom chipset, and a superior LC3 codec for fast audio transfer.


The hefty punch behind these earbuds resides in the Dual Connection feature – Users can simultaneously connect the TG-01 to their phone via Bluetooth and to Meta Quest 2 using the included USB-C dongle – also meaning that users can answer calls without needing to pause the VR gameplay (This USB-C dongle can also connect to Steam Deck, PS4, PS5, PC, or Switch).

Although designed specifically for use with these platforms the TG-01 seem to be a versatile personal audio solution. In other words the system can be used on any phone, tablet hi-fi device etc that has Bluetooth and/or USB A or C compatibility.

As for use with the Meta Quest 2 – the TG-01‘s provide an atmospheric depth to Virtual Reality audio. I tested them out with Pistol Whip and the most-impressive Notorious B.I.G Sky’s The Limit VR Concert Experience to test the EQ and latency. The results were fantastic and I even had a great conversation on Zenith : The Last City via the earbuds. The audio was clear and blended well with the in-game audio.

If you’re looking for an audio addition to your setup then this is a good shout.

You can find the TG-01 Earbuds on the EasySMX site or all good stockists for around £59

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