Gulikit / Antank King Kong 2 Pro Controller

Today we’re checking out a fancy no-drift wireless controller from the folks over at Antank. Join us to see what features and crafted mouldings this kit boasts!


Antank deliver a host of gaming accessories and have a team of over 100 people based across the world. They are deeply passionate about sourcing high quality products and presenting them exclusively on their site for the best possible price. This includes accessories for Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck to name but a few. They pride themselves on repeatedly testing each product before it is sold.

Antank offer free delivery on all items with good communication and have warehouses located in USA, Spain, England, Germany and Czech Republic providing more efficient and convenient after-sales services for global users.

King Kong 2 Pro

The King Kong 2 Pro controller boasts a new and patented electromagnetic stick technology which ensures no dead zone or drifting.

Compatible with Nintendo Switch/ Switch OLED, Windows PC, Android IOS, macOS, Android Emulator and works fantastically with Xbox Game Pass and Cloud gaming on mobile and Windows devices.

GuliKit Kingkong 2 Pro controller provides motion sense not only to motion sensing video games on Switch, such as Animal Crossing, the Legend of Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, but also to those FPS games with no original motion sense on PC/Android for fast aiming. Super sensitive button sensing provides an accurate gaming experience.

This controller includes many of the features found in the Joy-Con controllers, such as HD rumble, built-in NFC functionality and more, you can use it like Switch Pro Controller, it also supports Amiibo cards/figures. Adjustable Turbo setups on A,B,X,Y,R,ZR buttons for both semi-auto and auto continuous shooting.

The controller features SAPG (Smart Auto Pilot Gaming) which allows the controller to learn and record your operations (Max.10 minutes) allowing it to then autorun hands free. The King Kong 2 Pro offers high speed wireless connection alongside a wired connection via the included USB-C cable.

The built in battery allows for up to 25 hours wireless play on a full charge.


Getting to grips with the product was easy as the feel and weight of the controller is unbelievably comfortable to use. The textured underside of the controller enables a firm grip when gaming and the sturdy quality of the product ensures it will go the distance during intense gaming sessions. The feel of the buttons is firm but with a controlled and manufactured give.

The accompanying plastic case makes an excellent addition to the product and ensures the controller is protected during travel and/or storage.

There’s a range of source connection options available with this controller which makes it a top tier choice for vagabond gamers and settled players alike.

The price point is appropriate given the build quality of the controller and theres a very real sense of luxury build from the stick and button snaps.

You can pick up the King Kong 2 Pro from Antank for around £60 GBP via their website.

Antank have supplied us with an awesome 20% discount code! Use code: antank202

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