Godox VK2-UC Vlog Kit

Having become a parent recently I’m starting to appreciate how quickly time passes and how events come and go. As any parent will attest to, you can never document these events enough. It was this quiet desperation that led me to Godox and their fantastic products. Read on to find out how we got on with their VK2-UC Vlog Kit!


Godox is a well-respected and reputable brand in the photographic industry. The Chinese manufacturer specialises in photographic lighting equipment and accessories. The company was founded in 1993 and initially focused on the production of studio lighting equipment. In recent years, Godox has expanded its product range to include portable lighting solutions, such as speedlights and LED panels.

Godox has gained a reputation for producing high-quality and affordable lighting equipment, which has made them popular among both amateur and professional photographers. The company’s products are sold worldwide through various retailers and online marketplaces.

VK2-UC Vlog Kit

The Godox VK2 Vlog kit is a versatile and powerful solution for vlogging and content creation. Sounds a bit slick doesn’t it? But as a content creator and obsessive documenter it ticks boxes and rings bells. The kit includes several components that work seamlessly together to deliver high-quality results.

We’ll start off with the Godox LED6Bi Panel. This panel is the primary source of light in the VK2 kit and provides ample illumination for any vlogging or content creation scenario. The fine-tuning between warm and cold colours allows for natural illumination. The panel features high-quality LEDs that produce a color temperature range of 3200K to 6500K, which makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor shooting. The LED6Bi panel also features 5V/2A charging.

Next up is the cordless Godox GeniusMic which is a stunning-looking bit of kit. An aluminium alloy hypercardioid microphone with a short USB C plug, it fits snuggly and can be positioned front or back depending on the subject being documented. It comes with a stylish pop shield as well as a more rugged wing cover made from Bigfoot fur (probably).

The kit also features a tripod stand that folds down to a comfortable handle meaning the 2 modes can be achieved even during recording. The mini tripod carries the entire set for tabletop vlogging and serves as a perfect selfie stick for a wider recording via the ball head which can freely rotate 360° for the perfect angle.

In terms of build quality, all components of the VK2 kit are well-constructed and feel durable. The microphone and LED panel have a metal construction that inspires confidence in their longevity.

Tech Specs

Geniusmic Specs:
Pick-up sound range: super cardioid
Signal-to-noise ratio: 75 dB
Sensitivity: -33dB±2dB, RL=680©, Vs=1.5V
Audio frequency range: 50Hz-20kHz
Audio cable plug: Type-C
Working temperature: -20°C ~ + 60°C
Material: aluminium alloy
Length: 80 mm
Weight: 41 grams
Colour: black

LED6Bi Specs:
Built-in lithium battery: 1800mAh
Charging power source: 5V / 2A
Maximum power: 6W
100% illuminance (in LUX) (0.5 m) (f): 360
CRI (f): 95
Brightness range: in 10 levels
Duration: 1.5 – 10 hours
Working environment temperature: -10 ~ 40°C
Dimensions: 77 x 66 x 30 mm
Weight: 100 grams
Colour: black

Smartphone clip MTH02 Specs:
Interface: 1/4″ screw hole
Width: 6.1 – 8.89 cm
Angle: 360°
Material: plastic
Colour: black

Mini tripod MT03 Specs:
Interface: 1/4″ screw
Angle: ball head: 360°
Height: 15.75 – 24.89 cm (extendable)
Material: aluminium alloy, plastic
Colour: black

Whats In The Box?

1x LED6Bi
1x Spreader
1x Type C USB cable
1x Geniusmic UC
1x Foam
1x Windshield
1x Phone clip MTH02
1x Mini tripod MT03


Overall, the Godox VK2 Vlog kit is an excellent solution for vlogging and content creation. The kit provides ample lighting, advanced control, and versatility in a single package. It bridges the gap between professional SLR documenting and mobile phone content creation.

The kit is a compact, convenient, cable-free and (aside from the LED panel) powered directly by the phone which is a huge bonus. The VK2-UC kit is designed with simplicity in mind and can be setup and used by even the most tech-illiterate.

What I love most about this vlog kit is the option to use elements of the kit without using the entire kit at once. There’s no cumbersome rig to set up or cart about. The microphone, light and stand can all be used as singular elements, meaning you only use what you want when you need it.

You can pick up the Godox VK2-UC Vlog Kit from their website and all decent suppliers for around

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