ZyberVR Knight Direct-Charge Controller Grips For Quest 2

We have another fantastic Quest 2 accessory from the boffins over at Zyber VR. Fast becoming a regular on this site, can they continue their winning streak? Let’s find out! Today we’re checking out their Direct-Charge Controller Grips.

Product supplied for review purposes

Previously we reviewed the Zyber VR 16FT Link Cable and awesome ZyberVR Fitness Handles for Quest 2 which I proudly declared “the closest I’ve felt to holding a lightsaber in VR“. This time around we’re getting to grip (settling into these Dad puns officially now…) with their latest accessory release.

I don’t think i need to stress the importance of a comfortable grip cover when it comes to VR gaming. It’s certainly an expansive topic when it comes to choosing the right purchase. So, where does ZyberVR stand out in this regard?

The grips come with a split USB-C cable, making charging the two controllers simultaneously an added bonus. The rechargeable Ni-MH battery packs (also included) fit snugly, take only one hour to charge and provide an impressive 20-24 hours of playtime, so you won’t have to worry about running out of juice mid-game.

The grips feature an extended controller length(extending the controller from 4.76 inches to 6.97 inches), snug-fit knuckle with an adjustable strap for a comfortable hold suitable for different hand sizes. This can be easily adjusted and tightened/loosened when needed.

This design helps to prevent slipping, even when your hands get sweaty, and ensures that you can maintain a secure grip on the controllers at all times. The grip textured material add a strong layer of tactile strength to the grips and feel secure to use.

The grips come with an added halo safety ring for the top of the controller, meaning that when accidents do inevitably happen the user isn’t shelling out for a new controller. Tastefully presented in transparent material the controller halo protectors don’t block any signals from the controllers. This feature ensures that your gameplay experience remains uninterrupted and you can concentrate on the game.

In The Box

2 Quest 2 controller grips covers, 2 transparent halo protectors, 2 1000 mAh rechargeable Ni-MH batteries, 1 charging cable, and 1 user manual.


The grips, halo protectors and straps are all easy to install and are ready to use within minutes.

My delivery came with toppers for the Quest 2 controller thumb sticks. These toppers are exquisitely made, fit perfectly and offer a luxurious grip for the thumbs, however it is worth noting these are not listed on the box contents so i cannot confirm their inclusion.

The finish on the grips are durable and afford the user a real sense of traction. The straps ensure the grips aren’t going to leave your hands even during the most frantic of play sessions.

The adjustment button is easy to reach and the whole design is on-par with the Aubika Rechargeable Grip Covers For Quest 2 design.

The charging slot is easy to reach and includes a charging status light on the inside of the grip cover which makes it easy to reference at a glance, as well as being labelled L and R for quick glance confirmation.

In terms of wear and tear the grips seem like they will go the distance but alongside battery life there’s no way to quickly test long term use and abuse.

For now I’m very pleased with the product and can see it staying that way. Check them out on the ZyberVR site!

Grips are currently around $39.99 USD / £32 BGP – Use code EASTER15 to get 15% OFF Sitewide (Valid until 15th April)

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