Anbernic RG35XX Handheld Console (GoGameGeek)

We recently checked out the RG353P from the folks at Anbernic, a fantastic option for the on-the-go retro gamer. Today we’re looking at another one of their retro pocket releases : The RG35XX. How does it compare? Join us for a review of this powerful handheld.

Product supplied by GoGameGeek for review purposes

On that initial comparison, the RG353P has a more comfortable grip, styled on a traditional joypad shape. The RG35XX adopts that classic Nintendo Gameboy shape with a little less weight. Despite the difference in specs, the RG35XX just feels more substantial to hold.

(If you’re unsure which is the right handheld for you then it probably comes down to the price point and games based on your own personal preferences.)

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek box
Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek whats in the box

The RG35XX works straight out of the box, that’s a fantastic feature especially in this age of customisation. It boasts a wide range of emulators each with a vast range of games. It is suitable for playing Game Boy Advance games, as well as the likes of SNES, Neo Geo, NES, and Game Gear.

The device only emulates games up to and including PS1, and (unlike the RG353P) it is not suitable for playing Dreamcast or PSP games due to the lack of power.

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek emulators

The hardware inside makes the device more than capable of running all of your favourite retro games via emulation. The library of games is extensive and comes pre-loaded with over 2500 classic titles, ranging from arcade classics like Pac-Man and Galaga to console favourites like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog. This emulation process ensures that users can even add their own titles via the SD cards included.

The design is similar to the old Game Boy classic handheld, but the large 3.5” glass screen takes up quite a bit of space, making it significantly larger than other ‘mini’ handhelds. It could even be argued that the RG35XX is a middle-mini handheld. The screen image quality is sharp, bright with great colours, and the buttons are of high quality.

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek crash bandicoot ps1

The Li-polymer battery 2100 mAh battery provides around 5 hours of gameplay, more than enough to facilitate break time or late evening sessions.

I can see how the lack of Wi-Fi and the operating system might be a drawback for some users who want a more customizable device. These concerns are for the more discerning retro gamers whereas those who just want a solid pick-up and play handheld (and don’t mind transferring games via SD card) will find the device a joyful experience.

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek sd card

Tech Specs

PCE,NGPC,SMS,WSC and other formats of the game.

Support: 2.4G wireless gamepad and wired gamepad connection, HDMI output TV, vibrating motor.

TF card: Dual card slots, support TF card expansion, maximum 512GB.

Screen: 3.5-inch IPS full viewing angle, OCA full lamination/ 640*480.

Support users to download games in relevant formats.

Language: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

Battery: Li-polymer battery 2100 mAh, lasting 5 hours

Color: Gray/ Transparent white/ Transparent purple

GPU: Quad-core PowerVR SGX544MP GPU

Charging: 5V/1.5A, support C2C charger

CPU: quad-core ARM Cortex-A9

Speaker: High-fidelity speaker

Storage: 64GB TF/MicroSD


System: Linux

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek shoulder buttons


The shoulder buttons take a bit of getting used to and could have been stacked instead of being stepped next to each other. That’s my main concern with the design. The lack of Wi-Fi is noticeable but there’s enough games pre-loaded to ensure I won’t be adding any for some time to come.

The ANBERNIC RG35XX boasts an extensive library of games solidifies it as a must-have for any gamer looking to relive the golden age of gaming.

The handheld console is a great option for newcomers who want a decent quality pick-up and go handheld at an affordable price point without having to worry about configuring the device or downloading games.

The Anbernic RG35XX is impressively powerful and boasts enough heft and mobility to make it a competitive entry into the market.

You can pick up the Anbernic RG35XX from GoGameGeek for around $80 (£64) from their website

Anbernic RG35XX Hanheld Console GoGameGeek

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