This is Stu. Stu is a modestly tall, dark and handsome Northern Irish writer
with a beard and a penchant for all things nerdy.

As one half of the hugely successful Luke Books, Stu produced
artwork for Bob’s, Bob’s Dogs and his own titles Stuff and Just
Suppose… (Which Garth Ennis once described as “Very good”)

In 2002, Stu lost the use of his legs when a virus attacked his
immune system. In the 2 years he spent learning to walk again, he
discovered a passion for music. He later went on to study Music at the
NDAI/SERC reaching Higher National Diploma and forming the world
renowned Belfast-based rock outfit Dynamo, while also helming Project
Phoenix his solo musical platform.

He spent a year and a half living and working in New Zealand,
travelling to Australia, Bali and the Philippines.

His writing credits include IMDB.com, Whatculture.com,
Nerdbastards.com, Panicdots.com and Indianavoicejournal.com among
He has been featured in printed publications such as CultureCult and
Lakes Weekly Bulletin for both creative writing and editorial

Feel free to drop him a message regarding guest posts – he’s always willing to author and host an author for guest posts.

He can usually be found lurking around the dark corners of Twitter and most platforms  via @Crazydiscostu



Here are some of the glowing testimonials he has received from Reddit users :

“You know how that super rambling “mommy blog” style of writing is really irritating to read”Sabnitron

“Kill yourself”dirtfishering

“…the author is sort of a simpleton”antieverything

“Good point, bad writing skills”LinksLinky

“I don’t mean to be rude, but…”LineLiar