For a few months we lived with a white witch and her daughter on a small island, in a house that we shared with two cats and an old dusty dog. They would present us with their views on the chemicals in our food as we prepared our dinner each night, whilst they chugged down…

Ghostbusters : Answer the call

On my death bed, hopefully years from now, i will look back on the time i wasted by watching this film and i will be filled with such pure regret that it will finish me off entirely. And when i reach those fiery gates the Devil himself will see the pain within my eternal soul. He’ll shake his head and say “I feel you, buddy”.


JAM It’s JAM, okay? JELLY is the other one. Like ‘ice cream and JELLY’. ‘Ice cream and JAM’ doesn’t work. I tried it.  “JELLO” isn’t even a word. JAM.

sān shí wǔ

Whilst backpacking around New Zealand the girl took a job on the gondolas. She was in charge of taking photos of the tourists as they got into the carriages, many of whom were visiting from China. In her experience the younger generations of families would be more inclined to have an education in English as…