Beer : Little Dog IPA (Inish Mac Saint, Fermanagh Beer Company)

Given that the country is yoyo-ing in and out of lockdowns with the fever of a hokey-cokey, the missus and I did what any sensible people would do and ventured off for a few days. By now you’re sick of words like bespoke and staycation so i’ll do my best to refrain.

We headed to Rossharbour to experience the views and brews that County Fermanagh had to offer. The Inish Mac Saint brewery is located in Derrygonnelly, Enniskillen.

The pour is pale with a slight bit of cloud. There’s grassy notes on the nose and a smooth juicy whiff subtly shining through.

On the tastebuds there’s a crispness to it that I would usually associate with a crafted cider. This underpins the entire journey from lips to aftertaste. The flavour is full and borders on a wheat beer-bodied midtaste.

The boasts on the bottle indicate this is a dry-hopped session pale ale. The bitterness associated with the IPA style is very low with this one (so much so that i couldn’t locate an IBU number) however it is noticeable within the citrus notes.

A lovely crafted ale and unlike any IPA i’ve tried. Little Dog boasts a rough and ready unfiltered taste and a surprising smoothness. It weighs in at 4.5% ABV and can be found at

inish mac saint little dog ipa bottle lough erne fermanagh cans across the world crazydiscostu
inish mac saint little dog ipa bottle table cans across the world crazydiscostu


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