KESDSDY Dog Chew Toy

Here at CrazyDiscoStu.Com our mission is to cover products that appeal to the wider Nerd/Geek community and that mission extends to our pets! So when we were offered the chance to spend time with our dogs, give them a treat and introduce them to our audience we couldn’t have been happier! DOGS ! DOGS ! DOGS ! DOGS!

Product supplied for review purposes.

This Squeaky Dog Chew Toy from KESDSDY had to be put through its paces and we knew 3 dogs that were up to the challenge. Selecting the right dog for this job was hard.

In our pack we have a crafty spoiled greyhound, a gentlemanly black Labrador and a beautiful oafish golden retriever. All of whom were happy to get involved in the testing process.

The dogs responded feverishly to the pitch of the squeaker and clamored for the privilege of being the first to get the toy. But it was one dog that won out above the others :

Meet Penny.

Penny is a 6 year old golden retriever and one of the 3 best dogs we know. Her hobbies include sleeping, eating and destroying anything she deems to be appropriate (mostly socks). That’s why she is the perfect candidate to field test this Squeaky Dog Chew from KSDSDY.

This toy is billed as “durable” and perfect for an “aggressive chewer”, and Penny is just that! I was expecting her to make short work of this toy but even after a few hours she was still going at it.

It took an afternoon of intense and focused chewing for Penny to pinpoint the most vulnerable part of the toy. With military-like planning and precision she was only able to dent the toy in the nose. This is a testament to Penny’s skills and the durability of the product itself.

Destroying this toy has now become Penny’s lifes work. She is fully committed to the destruction of the Punkhog.

The bristles on the back of the Punkhog provided Penny with a great source of contentment.

This chew toy makes for a healthy alternative to food-based chews.

I’m a big fan of the punk-style wild boar design and its bright colours make it easy to spot when playing fetch.

This one is also good for cleaning dogs teeth – It’s made of recycled natural rubber meaning it’s durable but soft enough for chewing.

You can pick up your own PunkHog by searching “Interactive Durable Dog Chew Toys” on Amazon, or by following this link to their Amazon Store :

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