Jackass 3 (2010)

The third outing for the absolute hallions brings us up to date ahead of the release of Jackass Forever. We take a look at a few gems from this series of big screen skits and stunts.

Jackass 3 opens with an introduction from long-time supporter and MTV alumni Mike Judge in the form of Beavis and Butthead, which tugs the nostalgia heart strings almost 12 years on from its release.

We open the actual proceedings with a suitably camp and calming walk-on routine, descending into a colourful slow motion stunt fest to the tune of Twisted SisterThe kids are back.

The opening skit for this one has to be one of my all-time personal favourites : A giant spring loaded hand that slaps the cast members as they turn up at the production offices. The execution here is sublime. One by one we experience the cast getting bitchslap-sucker-punched back down the corridor to the tune of Knoxville‘s Joker-like laugh. Wee Man sets them up and the giant hand knocks them down.

The only thing that tops the premise of the stunt is having Danger Ehren carry a tray of soup or seeing Bam getting “antiqued” and lifted off the ground.

jackass 3 film review crazydiscostu

This outing sees the crew indulge in a jetski ramp out of a pool, urinating into the thrust of a jet engine, wearing roller skates in a buffulo pen, exploding launching portapotties with cast members inside.

His last big screen outing with the gang is marked mid way by a rather poignant and comedic interjection from Ryan Dunn (RIP) – “This seems dangerous“.

The prank war continues with this film and sees further escalation in the form of The Rocky – a 2 pronged attack where the victim is blind sided with water from one side and then sucker-punched as they recoil from the initial attack. The war escalates further but also descends into just plain urinating on each other.

The bee shenanigans continue from the previous film in the form of Beehive Tether Ball which is exactly what it sounds like.

jackass film review blog nerd crazydiscostu

Notable Cringe points this time around include Preston having a field goal kicked into his jaw by pro kicker Josh Brown, and leaning once again on Bams fear of snakes we see him fall into a specially organised hole filled with snakes.

This adventure sees Phil and April checking into a hotel room to find (what they believe to be) a live escaped gorilla (continuing the theory that staying at the same hotel as the Jackass crew would be a living nightmare)

Irving Zisman returns, this time to buy a scooter and sees him drive through the showrooms plate glass window. He also returns with the Really Bad Grandpa sketch, which sees him making out with his granddaughter.

jackass 3d film review nerd crazydiscostu

The immaturity levels for this one reach a glorious low as the gang gather round a man who can fart at will, who performs various feats of trumpeting. This skit sees him farting through a dart gun, and even a party blower.

This release was made for 3D. No, actually. Throughout there are carefully peppered moments of CGI that would make for a treat in 3D-enabled cinemas.

The endearing charm of this franchise is that it continues to entertain in equal parts of cringe, sympathy and the opportunity to marvel at the sheer stupidity.

The film ends on an incredibly nostalgic and sentimental note, showing some of the first skits from the cast members alongside photos from yesteryear, to the tune of Weezer‘s song Memories.


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