Vibe Bluetooth Speaker (Soundynamic)

Today we’re getting to grips with an RGB Bluetooth Speaker – admittedly a concept that makes many people cringe – could this offering from Soundynamic be the one to buck the trend? Lets find out!


Soundynamic pride themselves as a company who manufactures true sound Bluetooth speakers and was founded by a group of professional engineers from various fields (such as acoustic, LED lighting, software, mechanical, and electronic).

Their unique designs take good quality audio as a base and build from there. The end result is a collection of unique products (currently the Twinkle and Vibe models) that can be tailored to the users needs.

Vibe Speaker

The Vibe Speaker features Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and stability. The built in battery features up to 12 hours playtime from a single charge and boasts a IPX7 Waterproof rating making it ideal for pool side adventures.

“As you might guess, Vibe’s shape is inspired by jellyfish, a kind of animal which was born hundreds of millions of year ago. Like never to stop floating and glittering for centuries in the deep bottom of ocean with its lithe body, Vibe is bound to vividly beat its melodies in the air and glitter its way.”

Vibe Bluetooth Speaker review

The accompanying app allows the user to control the 5 built-in lighting modes or via the units own controls. Using the app, you can also customize your own shade by sampling a colour via your smartphone camera. This means the speaker can blend in with any room decor or furnishings.

The dynamic “Party RGB” lighting can be programmed to move with the rhythm and level of the audio. The lighting dome is made from an acrylic while the casing is made from a stainless steel cylinder making it robust and able to withstand whatever parties it manages to create.

The unit features a built-in microphone meaning it can be used for phone calls or communicating with your devices assistant (Google, Alexa etc)

The Vibe Speaker features a 1.75 inch full-range speaker with dual-vibrating diaphragms. By adding another Vibe speaker they can be paired utilising the TWS to create a stereo image. (Using the bluetooth left and right sound channels delivers a more rounded and “tridimensional” effect) The EQ can also be tweaked via the app.

The Vibe can be set to progressively reduce the volume to 0% while playing for anyone who likes to drift off to sleep while listening to music. The Soundynamic app is also equipped with five “white noises” (Insect sound, Bonfire, Forest, Waves, Rain), allowing you to drift off to your desired sound.

Vibe Bluetooth Speaker in the box

Tech Specs

Dimensions/weight: 3.25×3.25×5.12 inches 0.99 pounds
Battery: 3350mAh3.7V
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
Input: Around 12w while playing
Colors: Black
Compatible app: Soundynamic app control for both Android and IOS
Dust and water resistance rating: IPX7
Recharge time: 180 min
Shockproof: No.

Vibe Bluetooth Speaker packaging


The packaging presentation is fancy and displays the product with an air of mystery before the box is even opened. The box is enticing and makes the product eye catching.

When it comes to Bluetooth speakers dynamic lighting always seems like a bit of a gimmick. There is an element of that with the Vibe but the fact that’s its not presented in an overly-aggressive manner makes this speaker stand out. The fact that the lighting can be easily customised and tailored via the app is all the better.

The sound quality from the Vibe is a decent representation and presents a customizable EQ which seems to favour (very confidently) in the lower mids.

The Soundynamic app enables the user to set a volume decrease time period for the sleep assistance, alongside the “white noise” choices. Another option for the sleep-deprived!

A fantastic feature is that the user can also use the app to specify certain colour schemes based on the defined palette via the camera. A fairly revolutionary aesthetic option for the colour-concerned.

The microphone and speaker combination is ideal for phone calls and is crystal clear to the extent that the person on the other side of the call can’t identify the speakers use.

An enjoyable and quirky entry into the Bluetooth Speaker game, with comfortable ease of use and worth the cost in my opinion.

You can pick up the Vibe speaker from Soundynamic for around $69.99 (£59 GBP)

Vibe Bluetooth Speaker review crazydiscostu tech

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