Top 10 Songs From Animated Film/Tv

Scoring for film and television is a subtle art-form. It takes a special skill set to adequately convey the scene through music. Used well it can enhance a production, used badly it can put the audience off completely.

We’ve collected our top 10 songs from the world of animated film and television, arranged them neatly and lovingly into the list below. Hell, we’ve even included YouTube links so that you can take a trip down memory lane! Enjoy!  :

10. Asian Kung Fu Generation – Haruka Kanata (Naruto)


9. Creed – Higher (Titan AE)


8. Uncredited – Thundercats theme (Thundercats)


7. The touch – Stan Bush (Transformers : The Movie)


6. Uncredited – Pokemon theme (Pokemon)


5. Geinoh Yamashirogumi – Kaneda (Akira)


4. Smash Mouth – All Star (Shrek)


3. Pharrell Williams – Happy (Despicable Me 2)


2. Uncredited – TMNT theme (Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles)


1. Uncredited/Shuki Levy – Jayce and the wheeled warriors theme (Jayce and the wheeled warriors)



So that’s our list. Let us know what you think.

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  1. I personally think that all songs in Steven Universe are wonderful although it is not on this list. You should definitely check it out!

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