Beer : Public House IPA (The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co + CrazyDiscoStu)

We recently reviewed the revolutionary new Fresh Brewing system THE PINTER from The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co (you can read that review here). As promised here is our follow-up review of the results : Public House IPA !

Fresh Brew Virgin

This was my first ever Fresh Brew so i was determined to make it perfect – luckily for me the instructions were idiot-proof. In saying that, I followed them to the letter with one addition : time.

The suggested brewing times for this IPA are 4 days brewing and 3 days conditioning, but i decided to go for a 7 days brewing and 7 days conditioning cycle to ensure clarity and flavour are at optimum strength.

I am pleased to report the results were fantastic!


Once the brewing phase was completed (see here) it was time to remove the brewing dock. I was excited for this stage as it is a good indication of how your brew will turn out. I had read online (and observed in Youtube videos) that upon removing the dock there will be an sharp ejection and a release of pressure which will “lift” the unit. I can confirm there was indeed a release of pressure and a very satisfying one at that.

More satisfying was the activity foaming forth from the removed brewing dock, not to mention the smell – a beautiful rich concentrated IPA aroma. The contents of the dock are lively and active, and according to a few posts on the Facebook Community, they make a delicious yeasty addition to homemade bread recipes!

The Pinter unit is then transferred to the fridge for the conditioning phase and 7 more days of patience.

7 Days Later

Removing The Pinter from the fridge I left it a few hours before tapping it to ensure any sediment had settled. The first 3/4 pint was to be pulled (not drank) and cleared which, again smelled absolutely fantastic. This first pulling appeared cloudy initially but cleared with each pull from the tap. And then it was time to sample!

The brew delivered everything that the aroma had previously promised. My Public House IPA delivers grassy notes and a subtle bitterness. There’s an underlying sweetness with an almost tea quality about it and absolutely moreish!

My brother (and avid homebrewer) called round to observe the proceedings and to give the brew a good tasting. He also very kindly brought some pop-top bottles so that i could further condition the brew.

Further Conditioning

The pop-top bottles (available from Ikea) were perfect for storing the brew and kept the brew carbonated. I noticed over the following days that the brew began to clear further, becoming less hazy and more transparent. Over those following days the flavours became sweeter and ultimately more moreish.


As i stated in our previous Pinter post, the system couldn’t be simpler and the results speak for themselves.

The commentary within the community is constant and for the most part very positive. Having the community also provides an open dialogue with the company to communicate with its customers regarding new releases and improvements to the system.

The system make sense for me cost-wise and now that i’ve tasted the results, and experienced the process, i’m happy to (Fresh) Press on with The Pinter.

Within a day of tapping and bottling my IPA I’ve already got the Cloudy Nine Cider underway and just in time for Christmas!

You can purchase THE PINTER from The Greater Good Fresh Brewing Co (Launch price £75)

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