Switchbot Indoor Camera

If you’re in the market for a decent and affordable Indoor Smart Home Camera then this offering from Switchbot could be the answer for you.

Getting a new puppy in our home has meant the loss of many beloved items. The scratches on the furniture i can deal with, but when the naughty fluffy one is pulling out wires and destroying the smart tech around the house – that’s when i sit up and take notice!

As cute as he is (and he really is), i was a bit upset when our security camera was chewed to bits. Luckily the folks over at Switchbot arrived just in time by sending through a complete Smart Home package! Today we’ll be taking a look at their Smart Home Indoor Camera.


You’re probably already aware of Switchbot‘s gadgets in passing. They produce a range of affordable Smart Home gadgets that combine physical action with smart and wireless automation. The best example of this is possibly their Switchbot Curtain, a bot device with a built-in motor that opens and closes your curtains upon activation.

Started in 2016, the company prides itself on offering automated smart home solutions which are useful, simple, and convenient. You can find out more about Switchbot here.

Switchbot Indoor Camera

Setup is easy and stress free. The accompanying app can be downloaded via both Android and ios stores, and meant i had 2 cameras up and running in under 5 minutes.

It was also surprisingly easy to integrate into our existing Smart Home environment.

The footage from the camera can be streamed in real-time via the Switchbot app and uses artificial intelligence to detect human motion. This means you can monitor your home and be alerted when something occurs within the camera’s field of view.

The camera features a built-in microphone and a back-facing speaker, meaning you can press the talk button in the SwitchBot app and engage in two-way communication with family members or pets.

The accompanying stand is ergonomically pleasing and practical. It attaches in 2 mount points (at the bottom and at the back of the camera unit), wall fittings and it comes with a magnet so you can snap it onto any appropriate surface.

The camera can be set to Motion Detection and Continuous Recording modes. The Motion Detection feature can be used to trigger other events using the ‘Scenes‘ feature. For instance, have Alexa turn on lights or play music when motion is detected.

In Continuous Recording mode, you can browse the footage via a scrollable timeline, if cloud or card storage is selected of course.

You can get direct notifications to your mobile device and even set the detection area so as not to pick up passing cars or swaying trees. Motion events are recorded via the messages menu and can be filtered by motion type and date.

Techy Stuff

The SwitchBot Indoor Camera makes use of a high-definition lens to capture footage. It features a 130º field of viewing which presents a wide angle view of the chosen area. The camera features night vision, clear 1080p HD at 20 FPS and a “Human-only” option to reduce false alarms from animals or pets.

The camera is compatible with other smart home devices and can be activated by both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Switchbot‘s camera boasts high-level encryption which means your data is safe and your streaming is encrypted.

The camera connects to the 2.4GHz band only which for some of us is a blessing. The MicroSD storage can take up to 128GB and will keep your footage safe and local. If you do opt for cloud storage your recorded data is stored even if the device is offline (this is a monthly subscription service).

SwitchBot cameras use their own file format, which can only be accessed via the app which provides you with the options to record any selected footage and export it.


As i mentioned before, i was happily surprised with the little time it took to set these cameras up and connect them to the existing environment. The app guides the user through the process effortlessly and integrated with both Alexa and Google devices seamlessly.

The two-way communication feature is fantastic when talking to pets and i’ve even seen the cameras being referenced online as a viable baby monitor camera.

You can pick up the Switchbot Indoor Camera for around £23 ($29.99) from their site. Or you can also pick it up from Amazon for around £39.99 😕

You can also pick up some tasty discounts via their web store using these fantastic codes! :

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