20 songs to turn you into a Superhero at the gym

Like most of us, you do your best to stay in some reasonable sense of “shape”. Whether that shape is round or carved from stone sometimes it’s not easy to find the drive to put the effort in.

Here’s a selection of songs that will give you that extra motivational nudge to get the work done!

crazydiscostu dragonball

Thunderstruck – ACDC

Runnin’ wild – Airbourne

Sleep now in the fire – RATM

Lonely boy – The Black Keys

So Far – Buckcherry

Everyone needs a nemesis – Fighting With Wire

I am electric – Heavens Basement

A modern way of letting go – Idlewild

Ante up (Robbin Hoodz theory) – M.O.P.

Temptation – Sebastian Bach

Notions – Part time pilots

Light up the night – The Protomen

Hunger – Spectre General

Mean Man – W.A.S.P.

Vengeance – Yngwie Malmsteen

Screamager – Therapy?

Get Free – The Vines

Woman – Wolfmother

Switchback – Celldweller

Build it up, tear it down – Fatboy Slim

There you have it. What songs get you going? What songs really give you that mental edge? You can find all of the tracks above on the CrazyDiscoStu ‘Gym Superhero’ playlist on Spotify :

crazydiscostu gym girl

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