ProTubeVR Pro Straps

No-one likes to retrieve their VR controller from the newly formed hole in the wall. Today we’re looking at options to combat this. In steps the folks over at ProTubeVR with a comfortable and affordable solution!

Pro Straps provided by ProTubeVR for research purposes

Who Are ProTubeVR?

ProTubeVR came into existence officially in January 2018, however the research and development actually started in 2016. ProTubeVR designs, produces, and distributes their VR peripherals all over the world.

The company is made up of engineers and gamers and has an overwhelming passion for competitive and realistic first-person shooters (such as Onward, H3VR, Battle Dome, or Art Of Fight).

They prioritise users comfort and immersion focusing on the realism of their accessories rather than the aesthetic look and are geared towards haptic development. They have stated their goal is simple – improving the users feeling of immersion.

ProTubeVR is recognized on the global E-Sport scene and competitions since 2017.

ProTube VR Pro Straps

The ProTubeVR Pro Straps enable the user to play more comfortably for longer. These straps, which are adaptable to all hand sizes thanks to the Velcro straps and comfortable pad, ensure the controllers remain in hand (and not embedded in a wall!) during frantic play sessions.

The Pro Straps are designed to fit into the ProTubeVR brand MagCups, their VR gunstock (MagTube), their haptic version (ForceTube), their ProTas joysticks and their much sought-after ProVolver pistol.


Installing the Pro Straps felt awkward as there were no instructions provided, only a QR code which brought me to an unrelated page on the ProTubeVR website. I did find a very helpful Jay Bratt VR video which gave straight forward instruction for the Pro Straps alongside the companies other products. Great work Jay!

My only concern is that once the straps are installed, the battery compartment no longer sits flush within the controller. This causes it to become loose and more likely to come away from the controller during more physical play. This issue is at the core of the Pro Strap design due to the straps securing within the battery cover itself.

Aside from that the grips are extremely comfortable and provide a fantastic and affordable option for the VR user and are compatible with most other third party controller products (pictured here with third party controller weights). The placement ensures the user can reach all buttons and controls within the enclosure.

You can pick up a set of these from Amazon or ProTubeVR’s website for around €20/£17

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