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Grinding coffee beans for my morning brew was a new experience for me. I can hear the scoffs and snorts from the militant hipsters with their monocles and tweed. To that I say – go back to reading the latest edition of Coffee Aficionado and smoking your pipe! My thinking on the matter has always been – why on earth would I grind my own beans when the blends I like come pre-ground?? However being a review nerd, coffee-lover and highly open to suggestion i’m ready to have my eyes opened.

Madaalli box and Grind Fresh Starter Kit provided for review purposes


Who is Waaqa and whats this all about?? Waaqa is an online service that allows users to discover 2 new coffees each month and uncover tastes they will love, allowing users to explore specialty coffee with confidence. Think of them as a personal barista recommending you the finest blends from local roasters.

Each month the Waaqa experts select unique coffees from local UK roasters to match their 6 Taste Profiles. They even recommend a box combination to match your coffee type based on the on-site quiz you can take here.

My personal taste profile actually came back as one of the combinations I received (Madaallii) and my taste can be profiled as medium roast notes that are easy going yet versatile. A bit like my bad self πŸ˜‰

Waaqa also have a selection of featured roasters on the site for you to browse.

Waaqa is passionate about coffee as they outline here:

To us, it’s a gift from the heavens! In fact, that’s how we found our name. You see, it turns out that some of the earliest humans to use coffee believed the very same thing. The Oromo tribes of Ethiopia obviously loved it as much as we do, because they believed that any old plant can grow with sun and water, but coffee beans will only grow when watered by the tears of a God. Which God, you ask? That would be the Sky God – Waaqa. Navigating the world of specialty coffee is an adventure, but it’s easy to get lost. Life’s too short for coffee you don’t love. That’s why Waaqa is your personal, tailored guide – helping you to explore and discover new, favourite roasts. We’re led by experts but fuelled by our community – so you’ll benefit from informed advice, as well as know-how and tips from the tribe, to guide you on your journey.

Waaqa delivers a curated selection each month, a chosen spotlight of 2 UK roasters (chosen by the Waaqa team and tested blind by their taste panel of 10 experts) with complimentary yet distinctive coffees.

waaqa coffee hario gring pack


The folks at Waaqa shared my taste box and a Grind Fresh Started Kit. Here’s what you get:

Grind Fresh Starter Kit:

  • Hario Skerton Plus Ceramic Coffee Grinder
  • Hario V60 plastic coffee dripper – Size 02
  • Measuring scoop
  • 100 x Hario V60 coffee filters – Size 02
  • 1 x 200g bag of The Mount blend by Volcano Coffee Works
  • 1 x 250g bag of Sow blend by Perky Blenders
  • Delivered free in a letterbox-friendly packaging
waaqa coffee volcano roasters grindsmith coffee

Mount blend by Volcano Coffee Works

Flavour notes: Sweet caramel & red grapes with milk chocolate notes
Taste profile: Low acidity, subtle sweetness & distinct bitterness
Origin: Brazil, El Salvador, Colombia

Sow blend by Perky Blenders

Flavour notes: Cherries & peach with maple syrup sweetness
Taste profile: High acidity / moderate sweetness
Origin: Nyamagabe, Rwanda

waaqa coffee perky blenders redemption roasters

Madaalli Exploration Box

The Yard by Redemption Roasters

Flavour notes: Red apple & juicy apricot with caramel sweetness
Taste profile: Balanced acidity, sweetness & bitterness
Origin: Northern Peru / Colombia / Burundi

Sixth Day by Grindsmith Roasters

Flavour notes: Citrus & nutty with brown sugar sweetness
Taste profile: Balanced acidity, sweetness & bitterness
Origin: Colombia / Brazil

waaqa coffee perky blenders


Getting back to the ritual of making a coffee, the grind not only provides a closer feeling of familiarity with the act but also a fresh delivery. Much akin to the hunting and gathering antics of our ancestors, the act makes you work for the end result and removes any ambiguity associated with where the coffee comes from. Aside from picking and farming the beans myself obviously. Much like milling grain for bread or catching the fish you feel connected.

I’ve been in absolute coffee heaven since this box arrived. It’s essentially a subscription service where you can try single boxes at a time or sign up for regular deliveries. The Hario dripper is fantastic and even tried the blends in my Staresso portable espresso maker.

Waaqa also have a fantastic blog section on their site with useful articles on all things coffee-related.

The site is currently offering a great selection alongside limited-time discounts and offers, so keep checking the back!

If you’re ready to order then use the coupon code CRAZYDISCOSTU-OFFER to get a Β£2 discount!
(Valid until 30-11. Valid on all assortment, excl Mystery Box. First 1000 coupons)

waaqa coffee white sticker

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