BoboVR F2 Fan For Quest 2

“Steamy Windows” is a song by American-Swiss singer Tina Turner. It was included on Turner‘s seventh studio album, Foreign Affair. At the time of recording the song i can’t say for certain if Turner knew she was singing about the subject of this review. It’s entirely possible…..

We’ve all been there – you slap on the headset, all hyped up for a spot of Robo Recall when, within seconds, you’re standing in a misty fog of barely visible confusion. Lens fog affects every VR user and there’s very little can be done about it. We’ve previously discussed keeping lenses clean safely and good storage solutions for your headset. So today we’re going to look at a more hands-on approach to the problem, with a little help from the folks at BoboVR!

F2 fan unit and surround supplied by BoboVR for review purposes


Since 2014, BoboVR have been providing comprehensive VR products and services with consumer happiness and satisfaction as their top priority. One of the go-to accessory brands for VR fans, their mission is to supply VR users with the latest, most interesting and useful items whilst providing an excellent customer experience via e-commerce and convenience:

We believe that our product is a powerful statement of creativity, personal use, and interests. With that note, we make sure we meet every inch of your requirements to help you gain the most out of our products.

The BoboVr team focus on continually search for the newest trends and are catered to adequately provide a professional level of accuracy with great integrity towards providing the best customer experience.


Sweaty Lens

So here we are, cloudy with a chance of VR. Introducing the revolutionary F2 from BoboVR. The F2 is a fantastic air circulation system for the Meta Quest 2.

The F2 has a built-in rechargeable battery meaning it can be charged and then run independently to ensure you’re not tying up any valuable power ports. In the event that it has no power left, the added USB C lead can stretch to the main power port on the side of the headset itself, or if you’re using an auxiliary battery (like the BoboVR strap) you can power the fan off that. The micro turbo fan can work continuously for 3-5 hours when fully charged.

Installation took seconds – just pop the old face plate out and clip in the new BoboVR one. The F2 micro-turbine fan attaches with magnets that hold it in place even with the maximum amount of flailing about from the user.

The micro-turbine fan works by drawing warm, moist air out of the mask to reduce facial heat and prevent the lenses from fogging up and alleviate heat build-up. The accessory features 2 adjustable air volume levels.

The face insert is made from a skin-friendly, sweat-proof, easy-clean leather and foam padding and uses nose pads to prevent light leakage during use.

Tech Specs

  • F2 Fan: Rechargeable design, can work continuously for 3-5 hours when fully charged
  • Face interface: ABS+PC material, can replace the official face interface, with vent design, directly fixed with F2 host
  • Face Pad: Using flexible sponge and skin-friendly PU leather, fixed to the face interface by Velcro
  • Emergency charging cable
  • Lens cloth: Using flexible and slender suede technology, it can easily wipe the dust and perspiration on the lens
  • 18-month worry-free warranty service
  • Weight 0.96 oz
    Dimensions 7.09 × 4.13 × 3.54 in


Our first trial consisted of walking the dog and putting the headset on straight away. Normally this manoeuvre would have caused much foggy frustration and swearing, however the fan set to high kept the lens clear after only a few seconds of use. The air circulation is very subtle but works beautifully to clear those “Steamy Windows”.

The F2 fan adds another cool layer to my already-Frankenstein’s-monster of a VR rig (which we’ll be covering in due time!). Essentially I’m building up to an entire Iron Man-style VR suit.

The fan not only looks very cool but is a very practical addition to my setup. I don’t use the term “game changer” lightly but the F2 actually does change the game, from a foggy lens to a crystal clear one.

You can pick up the F2 Air circulation System for around £45-£50.

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