Meta Quest 2 Travel Case (VR Cover)

Today we’re looking at a travel solution accessory for Meta Quest 2, supplied for review by the folks over at VR Cover. Join us for a look at their hard-shell nylon travel case.

When quizzed by my wife about why i would ever need travel solutions for my Quest 2, i replied with a very firm “in case i’m ever at a VR conference or show event“. For the record : I have never been to a conference or show event for VR, but you never know….

vrcover quest 2 travel case review crazydiscostu

The point is – I am now prepared! See you there!

Deep down she knows that my Quest 2 is part of my home and normally doesn’t venture more than a couple of metres from its resting place. The reason for that being – i have never had the need to move it beyond my home and also that i realistically couldn’t. The thought of trusting baggage handlers at an airport to an expensive piece of kit like that sends shivers up my spine but at least now i have an option to keep the unit protected.

VR Cover has my VR Covered (as it were) and i must say i was surprised how well it worked out under testing conditions.

meta quest 2 carry case vr cover vrcover crazydiscostu nerd product review

The carry case fits the base Quest 2 setup perfectly, with each piece of kit fitting snuggly in its assigned and perfectly moulded position. This is ideal for the base setup but not any of the additional accessories such as Elite strap, batteries or hand grip attachments.

vrcover quest 2 travel case review crazydiscostu review tech

There is however, plenty of room for charging cables and power adapter with the handy zipped netting inside the case providing storage for other items such as spacers, padding and straps.

That was what surprised me about the case – space is at a premium for travel obviously and i couldn’t believe how compact the case made the Quest setup.

The gear is protected and neatly stored by the exterior hard shell and interior padded custom mouldings which feature inner velcro-style straps to hold the contents in place.

vrcover quest 2 travel case review crazydiscostu zips and handle

The case features a short and durable carry handle and an attachable, adjustable shoulder strap.

The nylon case measurements are 313.17 (L) x 144 (W) x 130.3 (H) mm and comes in around €29/£25/$31. You can purchase the case from the VR Cover website here and VRCOVER.COM

I can also announce that VRCOVER have just launched a new version of their popular Fitness Interface and Foam Replacement Set on their Amazon US store with their Europe store rolling out very soon. The set includes the facial interface, minimal andd standard foam inserts, nose guard and lens cover with XL spacer. You can check it out here : VRCOVER AMAZON US STORE

vrcover quest 2 travel case review crazydiscostu nylon case

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