Ultimate Quest 2 Loadout 2022

Over the course of this year we’ve been building our perfect loadout for the Meta Quest 2 Headset. A Frankenstein’s headset, made with the various top tier accessories we’ve reviewed over the year. It’s alive, IT’S ALIVE!!! Join us!

(Not to be confused with the popular “FrankenQuest” Mod)

Over the year we’ve brought you the creme de la creme (creamy goodness) of Quest 2 accessories and along the way we’ve been building our perfect Quest 2 loadout. These are our choices:

Vest Edge (Woojer)

woojer vest edge

When playing games like Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners, the culmination of Woojer Vest, Oculus headset and Bluetooth headphones – the experience provided is insanely immersive. In horde-style game modes, when multiple enemies are grabbing you, the rumble from the vest combined with the 360 visual turning and spacial audio make for a terrifyingly involving world.

So far i’d say Walking Dead : Saints & Sinners has been the most immersive use of the Vest Edge for me. The pumping bass throb of alerted enemies and the general dynamics of the game itself means you can actually feel the tension.

I took a guided tour around Venice on YouTube 360 but the music on the video was so irritating i had to adjust the haptic settings on the vest. It wasn’t exactly Zombie hordes but it was a good test for the vest nontheless.

VR Dumbbells (Kiwi Design)

kiwi design vr dumbbells

The addition of the dumbbells adds some much needed sturdiness to the Quest 2 controllers overall. This is something we noticed about the Upgraded Elite Strap, and a very poisitve addition. There is ample space to move joysticks and access the buttons underneath.

If like most Quest users you have bashed your controllers off a wall or piece of furniture you will know how lightweight the controllers feel. With the dumbbells there’s an added layer of protection to the top of the handsets.

The dumbbells felt great playing Beat Saber (perfect for testing most gear, i find) and I felt like I had to make use of the safety loop just in case. The added weight ensures a sturdy grip on the controller but I was worried about too much swing. This added weight lends some helpful balance to the handsets giving them a sturdier feel.

Looking forward to getting even more jacked by playing Bait! all day long….

Rechargeable Controller Grips (Aubika)

aubika rechargeable grips

As we have stated many times before, this is the step that many users were calling for – an opportunity to charge controllers. The fact that Aubika added a rechargeable battery pack solution is mind blowing. They have managed to pair comfortability with durability and practicality. And they’re aesthetically pleasing on top of all that!

There’s even a battery charge indication light!!! Another feature the community have been calling out for – the ability to identify that charging is not only taking place, but that a charging status can also be ascertained at a glance!

I’m in love. This is exactly what the community have been crying out for and is now a solid addition to my setup. This is essential kit….

Q2 Pro Battery IR Strap (KKCOBVR)

kkcobvr ir pro strap

The Q2 IR PRO safety system includes overcharge protection, short circuit protection and temperature control. Input & Output is DC 5V 2.6A MAX, charging faster than other battery head straps.

It can power the IR light and charge the quest2 at the same time via KKCOBVR‘s official 2-in-1 charging cable.

The strap itself is comfortable and well weighted. The IR light is impressively strong and the battery provides a healthy amount of power in a backup or primary setting. (And can also be used in pitch black and toilet environments….apparently)

F2 Fan (BoboVR)

bobovr f2 fan

The F2 fan adds another cool layer to my already-Frankenstein’s-monster of a VR rig. Essentially I’m building up to an entire Iron Man-style VR suit.

The fan not only looks very cool but is a very practical addition to my setup. I don’t use the term “game changer” lightly but the F2 actually does change the game, from a foggy lens to a crystal clear one.

Proximity Mat (Proximat)

proximat vr mat

The padding of the Proximat Portal is comfortable for extended periods of use and actually found my legs and knees specifically didn’t ache as much. (I’m in my 40s now and the mileage is showing…)

I was worried the Proximat might be too gimmicky, but then I remembered that I run a gimmicky blog and review gimmicky products within gimmicky industries! Embrace the gimmickry! Life is a gimmick!

My dog also enjoyed the product and got a stern telling off for nibbling the the edge of the product. He eventually got tired and found it comfortable enough to lie on. So that’s an endorsement from the animal kingdom.


ultimate quest 2 accessories

As you can see our headset is souped up and barely recognisable from the base level Quest 2 loadout. This headset is automatic. It’s systematic. It’s hyyyyydromatic. Why it’s Greased Lightning!

ultimate quest 2 accessories vr

These small changes and additions on the accessory level really elevate the playing experience and only serve to provide a more immersive experience.

ultimate quest 2 accessories vr setup

You can read more of our VR and Quest 2 content here.

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