Upgraded Quest 2 Elite Strap (Kiwi Design)

Before i’d even begun my search for Oculus/Meta Quest 2 accessories i had been recommended Kiwi Design. The VR accessories frontier is a relatively small but competitive space that is growing daily and many users will tell you Kiwi Design products have been held up against the manufacturers own brand accessories and won on many different comparisons.

But as with anything we cover on this site – i had to see it to believe it. Luckily Kiwi Design reached out offering an opportunity to test their products for myself. Join us for a look at the best-selling Quest 2 accessory currently available.

Kiwi Design Upgraded Elite Strap

As stated this represents the first time i’ve used any Kiwi Design products, so outside of annecdotal accounts i was unsure what to expect. The packaging was simplistic and functional but somehow still stylish, which as you know tells us nothing about the contents within. So we dig in:

kiwi design upgraded elite strap for quest 2

Opening it up the strap is packed carefully and not an inch is wasted. Go Planet! I’ll run through a few key points i discovered from the unboxing to the use:

Installation – If you’ve never changed straps or face surrounds then this will be a new experience for you. Theres an initial worry that you might damage the headset but this is not an overly valid concern as the Quest 2 has been designed to make this an acommodated feature. Just be careful when handling the lenses! This is a concern i raised in my review of the Lenspen (VR Lens Cleaning Kit). I also took the strap installation as a fine opportunity to give the headset another good clean.

The strap features 52°adjustable connector which makes changing out the strap or adjusting easier than previous models.

Comfort – The strap is comfortable, that’s the best way i can put it. The base strap that comes with the Quest 2 is functional but it’s not going to appear on any catwalks any time soon and overall it does nothing to make the headset itself any more comfortable to wear.

Initially I had difficulty trying to adjust the Kiwi Design strap which was down to my own personal stupidity. Once i was aware of this it became an easy affair. The best way to do it is to put the headset on and adjust it from there (and not the circus-like performance i put on intially). Then simply adjust the strap around your ideal eye to lens clarity, and work from there! You can first adjust the top strap so it comfortably sits the lenses in your field of focus and then use the turning wheel at the back to tighten the strap.

Not exactly rocket science, i’ll admit. Upon using this method i tightened the strap too far, i was playing Beat Saber and being a bit too extreme for my own good – this resulted in the the lenses fogging up, which for many is an unfortunate factor linked to the headset use. A single click on the Kiwi Design strap turning wheel ensured it loosened enough to let air pass through and remained in place for more extreme sabering of beats.

The side straps are made with an upgraded polymer material, which can withstand over 100,000 times bending without breakage (that sounds like a challenge to me) and is eco-friendly. The top strap is 46mm and cushioned with the thickened head cushion coming in around 16mm. This combination helps to reduce pressure from the headset and it’s got a soft PU leather surface which makes it very easy to clean.

This strap features a larger head support than the official Oculus/Meta one. This makes for a more stable and comfortable fit when using the headset, so it’s not going to move around during play.

kiwi design upgraded elite strap for quest 2 review crazydiscostu

Who Are Kiwi Design?

The company began in 2017 with a team of VR players who believed “VR will create a greater world and bring much imagination into the future“. They were somewhat disinfranchised by the availability of adequate VR accessories available and their questionable quality, so set about making their own. They saw this as an opportunity to refine and innovate existing ideas within the space and the brand gained a following by listening to VR users.

We refined the VR cable management system in 2018, designed the radiator fan for the Valve Index in 2019, and during 2020-2021 we updated the facial interface, the controller grips with battery opening, and a new, better, head strap for the Oculus Quest 2. At the same time, we are constantly improving the requirements for design and quality.

When we developed the V2 cable pulley system, for noise reduction, we tested more than 20 different materials to replace the old traditional steel wire and determined that finial Dyneema* material is the most suitable. Besides, in order to create the most perfect experience, mass production molds were scrapped many times before finally getting the most extreme products. Users have expectations on KIWI design and that’s the power that always pushes us forward.

(*Dyneema is a versatile, low-weight and high-strength, High Modulus Polyethylene fibre that offers maximum strength combined with minimum weight – every day is a school day!)

The company makes it clear that they are open to feedback from the users, something they see as a valuable asset to growing their products within the VR arena and providing products that fit their use.

kiwi design upgraded elite strap for quest 2tech review crazydiscostu


When attached the strap adds a considerable amount of mass to the headset as a whole. This is in no way a negative criticism, in fact – quite the opposite. Sometimes it feels like the base headset setup is too light or flimsy and this addition corrects that (no-one wants a headset that weighs a tonne or gives you a sore neck from use). The added mass and weight (which is just enough) gives the headset a sturdier feel.

I was concerned about this extra weight and mass as I’m using the Dazed charging dock for my headset and controllers, however the added strap doesn’t affect the charging at all. The swivel system in the side straps accomodates an even weight distribution while charging. The same accomodations appear to have been made if you wanted to use any of the official carrying case or travel options aswell.

So far i’m a big fan. This is my first experience with Kiwi Design products and i’m looking forward to seeing what other accessories are produced with the same consideration for user comfort and durability.

Kiwi Design have kindly offered a discount code to give 30% off on site purchases. Use the code “GIFT30”

If you would like to purchase the upgraded elite strap or gain more information then click here!

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